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Immunization Requirements

Pennsylvania Immunization Requirements

Children at any grade, kindergarten through 12th, including all public schools, intermediate units, special education and home education programs must show proof of immunization before they can attend school in Pennsylvania. Proof of immunization must be on file at the school that each student attends. Proof of immunization means a written record showing the dates (month, day, year) your child was immunized.  A child who does not have an exemption as permitted by § 23.84 (relating to exemption from immunization) and who does not receive the immunizations as required in subparagraphs (i) and (ii) may be excluded in that school year and each succeeding school year that the child fails to obtain the required immunization. The only exceptions to the school laws for immunization are medical reasons, religious beliefs, or strong moral or ethical convictions similar to a religious belief. If your child is exempt from immunizations, your child may be removed from school during a disease outbreak as determined by the PA Department of Health and the Chief School Physician.

The following immunizations are required as a condition of attendance in all grades:


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