Discussion Post Intro: What Student of Politics Are You?

Posted by Mr Huesken on 9/1/2017 2:00:00 AM

As a beginning to our discussion of American government, politics, and economics, consider the following ideas below as a way to introduce yourself, your political involvement, and what issues are important to you and post your response in the comment section. To further enhance this introductory discussion, we will be using the video discussion app, Flipgrid, to post a video introction of ourselves. Please follow the following instructions:


  • After opening the app, enter the assigned code when prompted (75d176b7). You can also go directly to the posting by using the link provided here (https://flipgrid.com/75d176b7https://flipgrid.com/75d176b7https://flipgrid.com/75d176b7https://flipgrid.com/75d176b7https://flipgrid.com/75d176b7)


  • When prompted, enter the grid finally using your etownstudents.org account via the Google button provided.


  • If you already have the app on your phone from a previous class or are using a desktop computer with a camera, you can click the link / icon below and be directed to the site.


  • Create a personalized video using your mobile or electronic device (min. of 30 seconds / max of 1 minutes & 30 seconds) that addresses the following points:
    • Introduce yourself (Hi...my name is Jill Smith and I'm a senior at Elizabethtown Area High School)
    • What has been your experience with politics in the past? Do you follow it closely? Are you a political novice or non-expert? Is politics something you stay away from completely? Why? Explain.
    • In your opinion, what is your own social or political ideology? Liberal? Conservative? Independent? Unsure? Why? Explain.
    • What issue or issues are the most concerned about in our country today, as a young voter or soon-to-be graduated citizen? The economy? Foreign polcy? Heathcare? Something else? What is your thoughts (breifly) on this issue and why is it something you feel passionatly about? Explain.


Videos will be automadically shared with Mr H. No posts from "anonymous" will be accepted; postings should be made prior to the assigned due date posted on Schoology; any posts made after the assigned due date will be considered late



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