Crabtree, Rohrbaugh and Associates Presents Enrollment Study

At the October 16,  2012, action meeting of the Board, representatives of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh and Associates (CR&A) presented Part 1 of the district-wide feasibility study. Key highlights of the presentation were as follows:
  • CR&A presented its findings based on data and facts provided by state and county sources. The information presented was CR&A’s analysis of the information.
  • The presentation focused on county-wide and local population trends and projections, county-wide and district student enrollment trends and projections, and EASD building capacity analysis.
  • County and local population will continue to grow over the next decade but at a slower pace of growth than the past 30 years.
  • EASD student enrollment is projected to increase at a slow rate over the next decade.
  • As currently configured, significant capacity exists for the foreseeable future at the primary elementary and secondary levels. Adequate capacity exists at the intermediate level for most years with a bubble year predicted to occur in 2016.
The board held no discussion on possible options for district school buildings at the board meeting (i.e. renovate, close, and/or repair schools, or reconfigure grades) as it is committed to viewing the full district-wide feasibility study before entertaining conversation on the future of district. CR&A did touch briefly on two possible ways to maximize building capacity from their perspective to possibly address the bubble year (grade-level reconfiguration or close a school).
PLEASE NOTE: Lancaster Newspapers and its online publication FALSELY reported that the district was presented with two options, one of which was to close Bainbridge Elementary School (this article has since been corrected). Bainbridge Elementary School was not discussed in anyway at the meeting other than as part of the overall district-wide enrollment report  and at no time was closing Bainbridge Elementary presented as an option. Additionally, the board did not discuss reconfiguring grade levels. The CR&A presenter simply stated that reconfiguring grades might be one way to address the bubble year if the board deemed it necessary to do so. As noted earlier, there were no discussions on the future of the district's schools (i.e. closing or grade level reconfigurations) at the October 16 meeting. The board will begin dialogue on the future of the district once the full district-wide feasibility study is presented. This discussion will begin at the November 5 committee meeting that is schedule for 6 p.m. in the high school LGI. The discussion will continue at the November 13 and 20 regular meetings of the board and possibly beyond.
  • Enrollment Presentation (coming soon)