EASD Board of Education Authorizes Feasibility Study

To help plan for the future, the board of education authorized Crabtree, Rohrbaugh and Associates (CR&A) to conduct a feasibility study.  A feasibility study provides a comprehensive overview of the district particularly in the areas of regional and local population trends, student enrollment projections, and school building utilization.  The main purpose of a feasibility study is to help the district plan how it will use its school buildings to ensure the students of district are afforded a school setting that is conducive for learning now and into the future. The feasibility study will be presented in two parts: (1) a look at enrollment trends and building use. (2) a look at the physical conditions of district school buildings. CR&A undertook the feasibility study at no cost to the district. The scope of work, based on Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements, is as follows:
Part I (to be presented at the October 16, 2012, action meeting of the Board)
  • District Overview
  • Enrollment Analysis
  • Building Capacity Analysis 

Part II (to be presented at the November 5, 2012, joint buildings and grounds / finance committee meeting of the Board)

  • Building Physical Evaluation
  • Possible Options for Upgrades
  • Costs to Upgrade Buildings