Google Classroom Updates

Posted by Christine Sklareski on 1/16/2017


Individualized Assignments


We requested and Google listened!  You may now post an assignment, question, or announcement to all students, an individual student, or select students in a class.  This is especially helpful when students grasp concepts at different paces or you want to group students for a project.  In the post editing window, click “All Students” at the top of the window.  By default, all students are selected to receive the post.  To post to one student or a small group, uncheck the “All Students” box, and select the student(s) who should receive the post.



google classroom grouping



Expanded Teacher Notifications


Teachers now will also receive notifications when students submit work after the due date and when students re-submit work.  You will also continue to receive notifications when there are updates on scheduled posts and comments on student’s work.



Feature RequestsGC-feedback

If there is a feature that you would like to see in Google Classroom, click the question mark in the lower left corner of the Google Classroom window and select “Send Feedback”.  The more a feature is requested, the higher priority it is given so ask your colleagues to submit the request also.



Click here for more information on Google's newest update.