Braddock America

by Gabriella Kessler & Jean-Loïc Portron (Directors) Year Published: 2013

An enormously powerful portrait of a once-mighty steel town eviscerated by the closure of its factories, Gabriella Kessler and Jean-Loïc Portron's BRADDOCK AMERICA is both a finely detailed investigation into a specific community and a reflection on the fate of so many similar towns throughout the United States. Part of a recent wave of documentaries about disaster-stricken, post-industrial American cities, BRADDOCK AMERICA distinguishes itself by the degree of its commitment and its refusal to fetishize urban ruin. It features archival footage of Braddock in its heyday, fly-on-the-wall observation of city council meetings, protest gatherings, police patrols, and other aspects of the town's daily life, and most importantly, expansive interviews with Braddock's residents. Their unapologetically emotional, remarkably candid testimony makes BRADDOCK AMERICA an unforgettable document of post-industrial America.