Mumia Abu-Jamal: A Case for Reasonable Doubt?

by John Edginton (Director) Year Published: 1998

African-American journalist and political activist Mumia Abu-Jamal has become one of the leading "cause celebres" of the political left since his conviction for the murder of a white police officer in a 1981 shooting in Philadelphia. Abu-Jamal has stubbornly proclaimed his innocence ever since his arrest, but has never provided an explanation for what occurred when he was found shot only a few feet from the fallen officer. While Abu-Jamal waits on death row, activists have called for a new trial, pointing out major inconsistencies and irregularities in the conduct of his trial and the evidence which was presented. This documentary, produced for HBO and presented her in expanded form, examines the case and asks: is this man a murderer, or a political prisoner?