Transportation Delays


Due to the numerous road closures, unsafe travel conditions, and forecasted freezing rain later today, Durham School Services, the district’s contracted transportation provider, is unable to complete their afternoon bus runs and have returned students to schools. As such, afternoon bus transportation has been discontinued for the day. Given the deteriorating travel conditions, some buses did not return to the school in which they were assigned. In the interest of safety and comfort for all, we have established a shelter-like environment at each school. District staff will remain with students as long as necessary. We are asking families to reunify with their child at the following schools. Students will be released to parent or guardian as well as emergency contacts upon parent verification. We thank you for your patience and flexibility during this challenging situation.

Reunification Point at the High School:
Students still not home from buses E2, E5 (EAHS students only), 203 from East High Street Elementary and families with students in both the EAMS and EAHS facilities.

Reunification Point at the Middle School:
Students still not home from buses E2 (EAMS students only), E5 (EAMS students only), and E12

Reunification Point at the Bear Creek School:
Students still not home from buses E1, E9, E16, E17, E18, E19, E21, E23, E24, E26, 215, and 301.

Reunification Point at East High Street Elementary School:
Students still not home from buses E20 and 217

Reunification Point at Mill Road Elementary School:
Students still not home from buses E6 and E27

Reunification Point at Bainbridge Elementary School:
Students still not home from buses E7, E12, 211, and 219

Reunification Point at Rheems Elementary School:
Students still not home from buses E5 (Rheems students only), E10, E11 and 208.




Conditions on the roads in Northwest Lancaster County have severely deteriorated due to the winter weather. As such, many of our secondary bus runs have returned to the high school middle school complex. In addition, only a few elementary runs have embarked on their run to return students in grades 1-6 to their homes. At the secondary level, the following buses have returned to the secondary school complex.

E5, E2, E12, 207, 215

If additional buses return will update the list. The district will release students to parents and guardians at the schools upon proper identification. We will release students to their parent guardian only. We will not release students to adults who are not their parent or guardian.

At this point (1:30 p.m.), temporarily no additional elementary runs will depart from the schools. Elementary students on buses have returned inside the school as have the students at the secondary level that have returned to the schools. Our administration, faculty, and support staff remain in the schools with the students. Food service is preparing snacks and beverages for the students as they shelter in our facilities. The district is coordinating its efforts with local law enforcement to determine a reunification plan. We will share additional details as the are available.



Today’s (11/15/2018) winter weather has caused numerous local roads to be closed due to downed power lines, jacked knifed tractor trailers, and overall slick conditions. This is affecting our early dismissal bus runs at the secondary level causing significant delays for some buses. Transportation delays at the elementary level will be more widespread throughout the greater-Elizabethtown community as the buses returning to the schools for the elementary run will experience delays in both delivering our secondary students home and then returning back to the campus. In addition, due to safety concerns, Durham School Services, the District’s transportation provider will not release students from the bus at any location other than the designated bus stop. Please allow for delays as our bus drivers will need to reroute to safely get students to their designated bus stop. We apologize for any inconvenience this community incident may cause.