Posted by Sara Torchia on 4/25/2019


We continued working with our 3D printing pens today.  Two students finished their projects and began working on coding using Chromebooks.  They created a rocket and a solar powered scuba car with the 3D pens.  We will try to finish the rest of the 3D printing pen projects next time.



We wrote a thank you card for Ms. Baxter thanking her for purchasing the 3D printing pens and filament.  Then I introduced our final project for the year; Horton Needs Help! - Platform Design Challenge.  We reviewed the story in Dr. Seuss’ book Horton Hatches the Egg and I explained the design challenge as well as the materials and limitations.  Then they worked together to brainstorm ideas for their platform.  They’ve already come up with a lot of good ideas.  The next step is to draw a plan for their platform.