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EAHS Fall Play Update

"To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first" William Shakespeare, Henry VIII

The EAHS Theater Department has been proudly working on the fall play, "An Evening with the Bard: A Collection of Scenes from Your Favorite Shakespeare Plays" for three months. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we knew that taking on any production would be a steep hill to climb, but one that our passion for theater arts and providing a quality experience for students inspired us to take on. Now, as we near the top of that hill, we slow our pace to allow time to safely film and edit together the talents of the students at EAHS while keeping everyone safe and healthy. Because of this, we ask for patience and understanding. The play is coming but the release date has been postponed. Our motto for this show is "Where there's a Will (Shakespeare), there's a play!" and we look forward to sharing the hard work of our thespians soon!