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EAHS Holds Commencement Program for the Class of 2020

June 2, 2020- On Tuesday, June 2, Elizabethtown Area High School celebrated the 309 members of the Class of 2020 with its first-ever virtual commencement program. Airing on the school district’s website, the program afforded district administration an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments and perseverance of this year’s graduating class.

Filmed over three days in mid-May, the virtual celebration included remarks from school board president Terry Seiders; superintendent of schools Dr. Michele Balliet; high school principal Maura Hobson; co-valedictorians Abigail Dehmey and Sierra Miller; and salutatorian Ethan Lown. It also included the singing of the national anthem by Claire Fritz and the customary awarding of diplomas to each of the graduates as the walked across the stage clad in their blue robes.
Commencement Video Link
Balliet greeted the virtual audience acknowledged the difficult circumstances the last several months of the school year presented. “The grace and dignity that you displayed during these final months of your high school career have been noticed,” said Balliet. “I have seen so many examples of our students rising to meet current obstacles head-on, developing realistic solutions to connect, and serve others and their families.”

Balliet concluded by challenging the Class of 2020 to embrace change.

"As you continue on your life’s journey, I hope you will continue to grow, adapt, and embrace a willingness to continually learn. In the coming weeks, months, and years, there are things that will need to be reimagined, rebuilt even better, and possibly even stronger when this pandemic is truly over. And you, our seniors, may just be the very ones who make this all happen.”

Seiders followed Balliet and encouraged the seniors to embrace the next chapter of their lives that will include fear, uncertainty, and many new experiences that can create anxiety.

“It is true we don’t like this; we don’t think it is fair; however, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to process it and move forward as the world opens up around us,” said Seiders. “During this time, we keep hearing about fear and risks, yet I think we need to keep all of this in a context that allows us the opportunity to grow in today's world. Once we give careful consideration to the choices we make and understand the risks, we are able to carefully consider how we go about dealing with them and moving forward and facing the opportunities, only then will we have a chance to grow. ”

Before the students addressed their peers, Hobson had a final chance to salute the seniors. She encouraged the graduates to remain grateful and find the good in each day.

“This is your life, right now, and there is no playbook for how to best live it. That was true before the pandemic, and it continues to be true today. I hope you do your best to take each day as it comes. In moments of resentment towards things you can’t change, I hope you choose to be grateful for the little things, instead,” said Hobson.

After receiving their distinctions as valedictorian and salutatorian, Dehmey, Miller, and Lown spoke to their classmates.

Miller challenged her classmates to find their purpose in life and watch how it can affect the lives of others.

“Every single one of us is special and has a purpose in life; it may just take time to find, or we may need others to help us to recognize it,” Miller said. “One of the ways to find this purpose is to follow your heart. If you have a passion, turn it into a career and watch how it can affect the lives of so many others.”

Dehmey’s remarks celebrated the many memories of their years in E-town.

“We may have had some “lasts” that came too soon, like our last practice, our last performance, our last lunch in the cafeteria with friends, and our last time being closer than six feet apart,” Dehmey said. “However, we had a lot of firsts and other memorable experiences. We were the first class to graduate from Bear Creek. We won’t ever forget our first day of high school, our first football game, and our first prom.”

Lown reminded his classmates that they are and always will be Elizabethtown Area High School’s Class of 2020.

“Soon, we will move on to a new chapter in our lives. I challenge each of you to embody hope,” said Lown. “The pandemic isn’t the first challenge we have faced, and it surely won’t be our last. Our greatest influence is our relationships. We are remembered by the people we impact, and we must be greater than what we experience.”

Class officers for 2020 were Adam Evans, president; Kristen McEvoy, vice president; Rachel Handshew, treasurer; and Alicia Underkoffler and Ethan Lown, historians.

Administrators, faculty, staff, and members of the board of school directors extend their best wishes to the members of the Class of 2020.

Class of 2020:
Arabella Louisa Albino, Leon  Allen, Jr., Kellyn Elyse Althouse, Jared Salvador Alvarez, Karina Irene Anderson, Tia Marie Anderson, Thomas R. Arendt, Mackenzie Alexis Atticks, Talia Giuseppina Aversano, Kyle David Bachman, Abigail L Barnes, Brianna Elizabeth Barnes, Jesse Bangert, Katrina Rose Barrett, Brandon Bartch, Erin Vanessa Barton, Brody J Beach, Samuel Sung-Joon Becker, Amber Lee Bender, Sophia Jane Bernhart, Cameron Bevel, Devan Alexander Bickhart, Woodler Oliver Bien-Aime, Landen P. Bitner, Amber Lynn Bostdorf, Zelda M. Brooks, Samuel H Broomell, Lance Brosey, Gabriella C. Brown, Sierra Rae Bucks, Olivia Paige Buller, Blake Ryan Burkey, Madison Paige Elizabeth Burwell, Cameron James Bush, Mikaela Joy Butscher, Hayden Brooke Calaman, Haylee Bree Calaman, Andrew Thomas Carotto, Morgan T. Chalk, Shelby Lynn Chalk, Vicky Chan, Alexandra Michelle Collman, Frank Xavier Colon, Leah Elizabeth Covaleski, Cyrus Alan Craig, Makenzie Lee Cummings, McKenna Irene Dare, Benjamin Thomas Davis, Nathan Davis, Lauren Elyse De Stefano, Anna Xiao Wan DeGoede, Abigail Marie Dehmey, Zachery Aaron Deibler, Steven M. Dixon, Camille Elizabeth Donahue, Krimson Autumn Dougherty, Ashley Paris Driesbach, Lauren Joy Duffitt, and Catherine Amelia Duncan.

Madisyn Jane Ealy, Elijah Jeffrey Eberly, Tanisha Elsie Eckerd, Rogan Ardri Steele English, Emily Epps, Dalton Andrew Ethriedge, Adam Cedar Evans, Hannah Rose Fahey, Araya Lynn Fahnestock, Jacob Charles Falcon, Joshua Robert Falcon, Tyler John Faulkner, Alexis Maria Fink, Jonas Michael Fisher, Thomas James W. Fisher, Dayne Christopher Flynn, Cory D. Fox, Susan Jasmine Frank, Kyriana Joy Frantz, Claire Elizabeth Fritz, Michael A. Fry, Katie Marie Funk, Cameron Charles Gable, Autumn H. Gadoua, Daniel Scott Gallaher, Jasmine Celeste Garcia, Vanessa Marie Gardner, Mason David Garman, Camryn Faith George, Samuel R. Gerace, Caleb Dennis Gerber, Molly B. Gerhart, Eric Samuel Gilbert, Gavin Ronan Gilhool, Logan Todd Ginder, Adaline L. Gish, Denilson J. Godinez, Dominic Leo Gomez, Kevin Dylan Gonsalves, Collin Gregory Good, Matthew Goodling, Hanna Grace Gramm, Madison Nicole Graybill, Kamryn Lindsey Greiner, Collin Alexander Groff, Sydney Grace Gunther, Kaiya Noy Haas, Kathryn I Hackenberg, Logan Thomas Halbleib, Tyler James Adam Halbleib, Robert James Haldeman, Alyssa Marie Hamilton, Mackenzie Jean Hammaker, Kirklin David Hammill-Torres, Rachel R Handshew, Angela Marie Hanley, Liam James Hanley, Kaeli Brianna Harry, Alexander James Hartman, Sybl Adina Hayes, Kaidyn Heaps, Erin Elizabeth Heffleger, Derek Stefan Heisey, Austin John Helton, Michael Thomas Hensel, Elise Rose Hershey, Ian Philip Hess, Kierra Elizabeth Hinkle, Cole W Hitz, Haley Rebekah Hoffman, Todd Carl Hooper, Jr., Alicia Christine Hoover, Cayden Patrick Horne, Ryan Francis Horst, Aryanna Angel Hughes, Kaitlyn B. Jack, and Jessica Marie Johnson.

MaKenna Lila Keener, Hunter Reiley Keller, James Duncan Keller, Maya Anne Kenley, Lauren Mae Kerr, Dalton Lee Kerstetter, Alyssa Le’Ann Knowles, Max Trever Koehler, Zackery James Kolsovsky, Kadey Autumn Kreider, Marley Ann Kreiser, Jacob S. Larison, Cody Scott Lashley, Logan William Lauver, Nicole Elizabeth Lee, Camryn Michelle Leitzell, Kierstan Alyssa Lentz, Crislynn Mae Lewis, Katelyn Mae Locker, Alexander Jacob Long, Dean Arthur Long, III, Caleb Josiah Lord, Ethan M Lown, Ivy Caroline Loy, Casey Patrick Lyons, Tristan Lee Mabee, Jacoby Keegan Mahone, Lauren Marie Maines, Zachary H Malone, Aidan Charles Martens, Isaiah Graham Martin, Lauren Mackenzie Masser, Alexis H Mast, Samuel William Mauray, III, Veronica Lyn Mautner, Coleman Nathan McBride, Brianna A. McCaulley, Lakken Mae McConnell, Matthew Thomas McCorkle, Aileen D. McElhenny, Kristen Mae McEvoy, Randy M. McNaughton, Joshua A. McNitt, Sarah Grace Mehesy, Leighann Marie Melvin, Avery Ryan Merlo, Alexander John Miller, Brittany Elaine Miller, Elayna Leigh Miller, Morgan R. Miller, Sierra Rose Miller, Charles Henry Mitchell IV, Tyler Allen Moats, Reese L. Montgomery, Krystal Myranda Kay Morales, Jacques Noubadoum Mortha, Lydia Joy Moynihan, Emma Marie Musser, Jesse Allen Myers, Joshua Robert Myers, Collin E. Nace, Alyssa Zaylee Nees, Julia Anne Neideigh, Joshua Michael Neidig, Aalijah Gabriella Nelsen, Seth Michael Nelson, Mitchell George Nelson, Alexander Nicholas Nye, Ashley Jo NyeSmith, Elizabeth Reneé Nyveldt, Alex Michael O’Shea, Katelyn O'Toole, Jeffrey Allen Oberholtzer Jr., Brooke Lee Orendorff, James Brian Overmoyer, Matthew Christopher Oviatt, and Benjamin William Oyler.

Justice M. Packard, Anthony Joel Pagan, Ryan Gregory Parise, Claire E. Parsons, El Lay Paw, Ray Perez Jr., Michael J. Perrin, Alexander J-O Peterson, Joshua Scott Phillips, Jacob Lee Porter, Joshua Thomas Potteiger, Dustin Blaine Powell, Bwet Psaw, Madison Ann Rae, Matthew Gabriel Ramsey, Jason T. Range Jr., Dylan Alexander Rank, Julia Claire Raybold, Olivia Theresa Reardon, Noah B. Rebert, William Blake Reider, Taylor Nicole Reigle, Dugan Claude Reiman, Madison Taylor Rhoads, Cole Michael Rice, Megan Elizabeth Rider, Alexis Joel Rosario, Jolynn Renee Rosenberry, Zachary Vaughan Russell, Chance Johnathon Samo, Paulina Sánchez Reyes, Jason Sandoval, Dustin Michael Sauder, William F Schaffer, Clay Gregory Schatz, Alexander W. Scheetz, Ellen Ruth Schlosser, Colton Daniel Schmidt, Connor Joseph Schramm, Kirstyn Marie Schulze, Sydney Ann Scott, Nathan G. Seeger, Trinity Kay Seigman, Jacob Matthew Sevcik, Drew Jacob Shaffer, Aaliyah Jacquelyn Sharpe, Kaelynn Noel Sheetz, Lauren Elizabeth Shelley, Anastasia Renee Shickley, Kristina Marie Shifflett, Seth James Shoemaker, Jaelynne Kae Shopf, Olivia Grace Shuck, Joseph David Sikora, William Alexander Simmons, Sydney Elizbeth Sloat, Gabriella Grace Smith, Mackenzie Jo Smith, Nicholas Gabriel Smith, Dakota Quinn Snyder, Alexander M. Sowers, Hannah Emilyn Splain, Elijah Earl Stackhouse, Haley J. Stahl, Cameron Donovan Steinhart, and Kaylynn Brooke Swanger.

Andrew Jacob Telenko, Kapinga Tema, Emalee Raeshell Templin, Salinna Chu Thach, Ayden Scott Thomas, Liana F. Thomas, James Thompson, Kylie Noelle Tollaksen, Adnan-Mussa Traore, William Messiah Troutman, Aislynn Tweed, Thomas Stephen Uhl, Alicia N. Underkoffler, Malayna Sue Van Winkle, Jacob L. VanderMey, Camir Nichelle Vélez Vargas, Giovanni Mathew Verghese, Anna Rose Wagner, Nicholas Jordan Walton, Aiden Scott Weaver, Katelyn Elizabeth Weissend, Cody Douglas Williams, Madison Lynne Williams, Winston Samuel Williams, Luke Alexander Wilson, Brandon Eugene Witman, Benjamin Richard Wohlbowne, Jordan Douglas Wolf, Gage Levi Woolsey, Ryan J. Yencha, Trevin Charles Ulery Yoder, and Hannah Marie Ziegler.