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Agricultural and Environmental Science Day Held in Elizabethtown

October 3, 2019- Fourth graders in the Elizabethtown Area School District recently got a hands-on lesson in the contributions agricultural and environmental sciences have on the local community at the district’s eleventh annual Agricultural and Environmental Science Day. Held at the Elizabethtown Fairgrounds, the event was hosted by high school students enrolled in Elizabethtown Area High School’s agricultural program.

While at the Fairgrounds, the fourth graders spent the day rotating through ten stations developed by the high school students. The stations include dairy science; poultry science; equine science; PA wildlife education; swine science; environmental science; agriculture equipment education; aquatics resources; small animal and vet science; and plants, seeds and soils.

Members of the high school’s Future Farmers of America Club (FFA) presented at each learning station. Each FFA member had a working knowledge of the subject area he/she presented and many of the stations included live animals. Each station included a review game or activity that allowed the elementary students the opportunity to participate within the station. In addition to the review activity, many of the stations included interactive activities in which the fourth graders participated.

The purpose of the educational event was to introduce elementary students to agricultural and environmental issues at the state and national levels. The learning stations addressed a number of state academic standards that all students need to know before graduation. In addition, the learning station presentations provided public speaking experience to the high school students on a topic they were comfortable with.