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EASD Welcomes New Faculty

August 24, 2020- Seven new faculty members at the Elizabethtown Area School District recently entered the District’s induction program. The program is an organized, professional development initiative with the general goals of welcoming and training "new teachers" so that they become an effective part of the learning community and to ensure their success.
New Faculty Members
New inductees at the elementary level are Addison Hayes, kindergarten teacher at Bainbridge Elementary, and Erin Raymond, speech and language teacher at East High Street Elementary. New inductees at the secondary level are JBen Fortier, music teacher at the middle school; Katrina Grothouse, English language development teacher at the middle school; Danielle McFarland, English teacher at the middle school; Daniel Newman, Spanish teacher at the middle school and high school; and Adrienne Williams, social studies teacher at the high school.

Mentors for the 2020 inductees include Induction coordinators are Lynette Fetzer, Marisa Fulmer, Kenni Jo Krause, Christina Oscsodal, Karen Oulahan, Jen Pollock, and Tiffany Relken. Induction coordinators are Dr. Michele Balliet, superintendent of schools; Daniel Serfass, assistant superintendent; and Dr. Maura Hobson, high school principal.