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EAHS announces Mini-THON and Community Hours

February 23,2023 - Elizabethtown Area High School will hold its fourteenth annual Mini-THON this year on March 9, 2023, to benefit the Four Diamonds. Mini-THON is a student-run organization that plans fundraising events during the school year, culminating with a 12-hour dance marathon at the high school patterned after Penn State's THON. This year's Mini-THON will run from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. This year's fundraising goal for EAHS is $85,000. Junior Emma Keener is the executive chair of the committee this year. Lily Heistand (12) and Haley De Stefano (10) are Co-Chairs for the student-led philanthropic initiative.

The slogan for this year is Throw Cancer Overboard. Starting at 10 a.m. on Thursday, student dancers will participate in competitions, dance, sing, and play games all day and into the evening while standing and patiently waiting for the final fundraising reveal at 10 p.m. In 2022, EAHS raised $60,043.25, with one hundred percent of the money raised donated to the Four Diamonds Fund to support Pediatric Cancer research and help families of children with cancer take care of medical costs. Four Diamonds-sponsored families never see a cancer-related medical bill during treatment through Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey, PA.

Elizabethtown Area High School invites our families and community to share this life-changing Mini-THON experience during our Community Hours from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 9. Entrance to the event will be through the exterior doors located by Daubert Gym. Adults may enter during Community Hours for a donation of $5, students $3, and children 5 and under will be free. Four Diamonds Families are invited to attend as our honorary guests. The donation fee goes towards our fundraising goal. Please be aware that while many of the activities are included in the donation at admission, some activities will request an additional donation. Come dressed in your favorite pirate attire as we throw cancer overboard! 

Fun games, activities, music, and dancer antics will get everyone excited to crush cancer. The EAHS Mini-THON Committee also encourages you to purchase a lantern using this link: to commemorate someone you know affected by cancer. We will continue the tradition of having a Lights of Hope Luminary Ceremony at the end of community hours, where all the lantern names will be read. Each lantern is a reminder of how many lives have been touched by this disease. Elizabethtown Area High School Mini-THON committee hopes that community members join us at the Elizabethtown Area High School as we dance for a cure and to support this life-changing cause.

The greater-Elizabethtown community can support this worthwhile cause in a number of ways:

Mini-THON is especially unique to Elizabethtown because the story started here when an 11-year-old boy named Chris Millard, from the Elizabethtown Area Middle School, was diagnosed with cancer. While battling, this boy wrote a story about a brave knight who had to conquer a challenging quest using Courage, Wisdom, Strength, and Honesty to help him overcome the evil sorceress. These characteristics are what Chris believed were needed to overcome cancer. But, unfortunately, sometimes even the strongest of knights lose their battle. Cancer took its toll and sadly took Chris' life. However, he has become an inspiration to so many. In honor of him, the Millard family shared his story, creating the Four Diamonds to assist and show the families that they are not alone.

Started in 1973, the Four Diamonds has grown into the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. In addition to paying bills, the Fund assists families in every way possible, including music therapy, meal vouchers, and taking families to THON events. In addition, 70% of all funds raised go to research and finding a cure for pediatric cancer. One of the first patients to ever benefit from the Four Diamonds fund forty years ago was from a family here in Elizabethtown. That patient is now a physician.

Visit our Mini-THON event page or contact advisor Ken Boland ( at Elizabethtown Area High School (717) 367-1533 for more information.