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COVID Safety Center Update - Increase in Cases at EASD (POSTED: January 5, 2022)

Dear EASD Families,

Similar to other schools in Lancaster County, we are currently experiencing an increase in cases of COVID 19 and a shortage of substitutes and contractors, which is having a significant impact on our daily operations.

If the district is unable to maintain in-person operations due to these issues, we may need to shift to virtual learning for all or some of our students. We will not make this decision lightly, and we will continue to look for ways to maintain face-to-face instruction and extracurricular activities. We ask all families to have a childcare plan in place in the event that their child is quarantined or if we need to transition to virtual learning. While we will make every effort to communicate proactively, this could also be a decision that needs to be made quickly, with short notice.  As such, if your child is at a grade level with a school-issued device, please encourage them to take their device home daily so they can be prepared if this shift is necessary.  

We are aware that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released new guidance on dealing with COVID 19. The Board of School Directors will hold a discussion at its regularly scheduled workshop session on Tuesday evening (January 11, 2022) regarding any potential changes to our board-approved Health and Safety plan and related procedures in our At-A-Glance document. Until then, the Elizabethtown Area School District will continue to follow our Board-approved Health and Safety Plan and all facets of the Health and Safety plan At-A-Glance document. You can find the full versions of these documents in the COVID Safety Center on our website at

We encourage all of our families, faculty, and staff to continue to employ mitigation strategies to help keep schools open and our operations running smoothly. We appreciate your support and patience during this challenging time.

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