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National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

April 28, 2021- On Wednesday, April 28, Elizabethtown Area High School will induct 53 members of the Class of 2021 and 52 members of the Class of 2022 into the T.H. Ebersole Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS).

The National Honor Society International Association will live stream a ceremony for inductees and their families from around the globe beginning at 7:30 p.m. This program will describe the four pillars of induction, congratulate inductees all across the world, and features a keynote address from acclaimed actor, artist, and activist Common (see link below). 

The District will also premier a video on our YouTube Channel that will introduce our honorees for the Class of 2021 and the Class of 2022 (see link below). The EAHS Induction ceremony will premier at 6:30 p.m.

Interested stakeholders can access both the International Induction Ceremony and EAHS's own program that will specifically honor our inductees off the District website. Congratulations to our inductees and their families.

Membership in the NHS is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a high school student. It recognizes outstanding students who have exhibited the four pillars of scholarship, character, leadership and service. 

Class of 2021 inductees are as follows: Alyssa Adams, Alicia Alvarez, Olivia Anson, Ben Azzalina, Sophia Berry, Emma Blyler, Taylore Bradley, J. Cael Brandt, Jacqueline Bruno, Emma Buettner, Grace Cairns, Cade Andrew Denlinger, Andrew Donahue, Garrick English, Madison Fanus, Kristin Geesey, Jagger Gilleland, Megan Handshew, Anna Hart, Ben Heinz, Brooke Heisey, Lydia Heisey, Owen Heistand, Angelina Hemsch, Lara Hummer, Remi Keeports, Jett Kelly, Hannah Kline, Josh Kreider, Bradley Kruft, Emily Laird, Marcial Limas, Alexis Martin, Laura Maxwell, Erica Minnich, Eryn Moore, Seth Oltmans, Lukas Pierson, Madeline Quinn, Sarah Rhine, Ryan Risser, Mia Roth, Ana Santiago, Dallan Schoenberger, Carly Sedun, Karsten Taylor, Claire Thomas, Alex Williams, Garrit Witters, Rudolf Woitas, Kara Young, Alaina Zeager, and Maya Zimmerman.

Class of 2022 inductees are as follows: Connor Alspaugh, Rylee Bender, Patrick Boyer, Victoria Bressler, Faith Burkholder, Mara Connolly, Hana Connolly, Logan Conrad, Madison Conway, Kaitlyn Crum, Kendall Davies, Ella Dehmey, Allison Evans, Peyton Florek, Brieal Frey, Mitchell Garber, Ashley Geesey, Owen Gensemer, Kyveli Georges, Jessica Gilbert, Charlotte Hershey, Katrina Hook, Eleni Houck, Samantha Ippolito, Sierra Kapcsos, Alyssa Kreider, Ellen Laszakovits, Kyle Lloyd, Makenna Locke, Jolene Markley, Kylie Masser, Julia McAlonis, Maxwell McCloud, Ryan Moyer, Bryan Murray, Sophia Rajnic, Ainsley Raybold, Peyton Reedy, Abigail Repko, Abigail Rickabaugh, Jacob Rudy, Jake Rudy, Matthew Sharp, Olivia Shenk, Aivery Shuck, Julia Sikora, Anasen Spang, Sydney Stewart, Haidyn Tenny, Emma Weaver, Erin Weaver, and Maria Wohlbowne.