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EAHS Holds Commencement Program for the Class of 2019

May 30, 2019- Elizabethtown Area High School seniors and their families, friends, teachers, school and district administrators, and school board members celebrated commencement on Thursday, May 30 at LCBC Manheim Campus. Diplomas were awarded to the 280 members of the Class of 2019.

All clad in blue robes, valedictorian Ryan Minnich and salutatorian Adrienne Nolt led the processional of their classmates into the auditorium to the delight of all in attendance. Before receiving their diplomas, speeches were presented by superintendent of schools Dr. Michele Balliet; school board president Terry Seiders; high school principal Maura Hobson; the valedictorian and salutatorian; and senior class speaker Frank Miele.

Balliet welcomed the guests in attendance and thanked the Class of 2019 for the legacy they have left in our school system. She noted the numerous awards and accomplishments of the soon-to-be graduates including two national merit scholarship finalists, sixty members of the National Honor Society and thirteen members of the National Technical Honor Society, four Future Farmers of America Keystone Degree recipients, the North Museum Science and Engineering Fair grand champion, and numerous art, athletic, and altruistic accolades. She concluded her remarks by wishing the students the best of luck in their future endevours and inviting to return to their alma mater often.

"We wish you the very best of luck, Class of 2019! Go take on the world and continue to make us proud! And remember…come back and visit us sometime,” said Balliet.

Seiders followed Balliet and encouraged the seniors embrace the next chapter of their lives that will include fear, uncertainty, and many new experiences that can create anxiety.

“My hope for you as you leave here this evening is that you begin to look for the things in life that scare you. That not only do you search and find them, but that you face them head on,” said Seiders. “I wish that for each one of you because through the discomfort and uncertainty of fear is where you will find true belonging, fulfillment, and happiness. Congratulations Class of 2019, and may you courageously embrace these next steps in your journey.”

Before the students addressed their peers, Hobson had a final chance to salute the seniors. She offered up a bit of insight on growth, noting that a key part of growth is overcoming failure.

“When our failure prevents us from taking a left, we should try going right. It’ll be a different route than we expected, and that’s part of the process and sometimes, part of the fun,” said Hobson.

After receiving their distinctions as valedictorian and salutatorian, Minnich and Nolt spoke to their classmates.

Nolt challenged her classmates to look beyond how "school smart" one might be and instead see all the other characteristics a person might posses that will make the world a better place.

“So I want to stop focusing on my future as a product of my intelligence, whatever that means. Instead, I want to start thinking about how the other things that I admire in people are equally as valuable," Nolt said.

Minnich’s remarks celebrated the significant milestone of high school graduation noting it is a crucial step in each and every one of his classmates’ personal journeys.

"As we all continue on in our lives, let us take on each new problem with confidence, knowing that we have achieved great heights and are equipped with the necessary tools to tackle our futures,” said Minnich

The final student speaker was Miele, who was selected as the senior speaker. Miele asked a basic question of the Class of 2019 - How are we going to make this generation better than the last? - and then did his best to answer it.

"If you can effectively combine your talents or strengths and your passions to serve a meaningful purpose, you will have the most fulfilled life possible,” Miele said.

Class officers for 2019 were Rachelle Malari, presidents; Julee Wells, vice president; Ashley Johnson, secretary; Kaia Becker, treasurer; Madelyn Nagel and Mackenzee Walters, co-historians; and Tori Pollock, marketing and advertising.

Administrators, faculty, staff, and members of the board of school directors extend their best wishes to the members of the Class of 2019.

Class of 2019:
Mohanad M. Abdelmawgoud, Luke Daniel Adams, Abigail L. Alspaugh, Kaylee Rose Altimore, Astrid Daniela Amaya, Kayla Elizabeth Azaroff, Corrie Jo Baker, Michael Allen Baker, Kaia Logan Becker, Lillian Yoo-Na Becker, Abigail Elizabeth Bender, Andrew Joseph Bernard, Olivia June Berra, Abby Lynn Bettendorf, Tyler John Bixler, Kylie M. Blouch, Katherine Elizabeth Bomboy, Jordan Elizabeth Bortner, Rylee Savannah Bowser, Kayla M. Bretz, Alexis Lynn Briel, Izabelle Marie Briggs, Jenna Eileen Brinkman, Jayvon M. Brooks, Sean Franklin Brown, Riley B. Bryan, Scott Martin Bucher, Samantha Marie Burchett, Rebekah Lynn Burkett, Emily Diane Burkholder, Bethany C. Burton, Tyler Michael Butz, Andrew Thomas Carotto, Alexander Douglas Caylor, Amairanys Cedeño, Abigail R. Chaffins, Nicholas C. Chapman, Anthony Thomas Cicero, Javier Gil Cisneros, Kaela Loren Clarkson, Jacob Robert Clouser, Skylynn Marie Coble, Jared Lloyd Cochran, Megan Elaine Conley, Caeli Marie Connolly, Cera Helene Connolly, Cyrose Conteh, Natalie Costa-Ouimet, Hannah N. Cross, Taylor Cameron Cross, Niamh Q. Cushey, Skyler Ashlinne Danner, Allyson Spenser DeBerry, Alexander B. Diahn, Katie Dugan, Zachary Thomas Duncan, and Brandon T. Dunning.

Mayelin S. Ebersole, Tony Jay Eckinger, Jaide Mary Epler, Rebecca Ann Epps, Annikah Den-yel Evans, Madelyn B. Fanella, Elliot S. Farver, Lexis Nicole Ferree, Hannah Katelyn Fitzwater, Madalyn Lee Flynn, Jared Michael Forney, Brandon Kevin Minu Fotibu, Alyssa Marie Foy, Zachary Tyler Frank, Amanda Lorelei Franz, Amanda Brooke Frederick, Nicholas Salvatore Gagliardi, Caleb Robert Galeone, Logan T. Garber, Katelyn M. Garman, Christopher James Gartley, Jonathan Henry Gartley, Alannah R. Gentils, Sarah Nicole Gerlach, Brooke Denise Geyer, Amanda Marie Gill, Morgan Nichole Giulivo, David A. Gladfelter, Thomas A. Gonzales, Conner David Gray, R. Jacob Gregory, Keiton James Hack, Lily Sue Hahn, Christopher W. Haldeman, Kaitlyn Marie Hall, McGwire Joseph Halter, Nikaila J. Halterman, Allyson Nicole Hampton, Arianne M. Hanna, Natalie J. Harris, Mason Storm Harrison, Mackenzie Rose Haun, Chad Ryan Heisey, Jonathan D. Heisey, Zachary C. Heistand, Aidan J. Hellein, Gabrielle Elizabeth Hemsch, Hugo Hernandez, Jaret William Hippensteel, Benjamin R. Hoehne, Matthew B. Hoffer, Patrick Ray Hoffmaster, Maya Marie Hollinger, Lauren Nicole Hottenstein, Jared L. Houze, Collin Jeffery Hudak, Casey Jonathan Hurst, Brianna Lynn Ireland, and Mary Irizarry-Jorge.

Jaden Edward Jack, Ashley Grace Johnson, Jensen David Kase, Kristyn C. Keefer, Dylan Lee Keeports, Jenna Elizabeth Kelley, Linda S. Kennedy, Kayla M. Kent, Blaike Kristofer Kessler, Jared Michael Kiess, Autumn L. Kilhefner, Katherine D'Amore Kimbark, Hunter Michael King, Alyssa Marie Kline, Logan Douglas Kline, Amos B-L Kollie, Kristopher Richard Konrad, Nicklaus Isaac Kreider, Zachary S. Kreider, Ray Eugene Kriner, Connor Ryan Krisko, Ryan Hess Kruft, Katrina Joy Kunselman, Tyler Joseph Lanza, Lauren Alexandra Leese, Samantha Jo Lehman, Victoria Opal Lehman, Jayce A. Leleux, Giani Christopher Leppler, Trevor M. Levosky, Alexis Grace Lewis, Cole Mitchell Livingston, Jessica Louise Lloyd, Lawrence G. Locker, Marena Jacqueline Lonardi, Precious Lizada Lopez, Emily Nicole Louie, Erin Nicole Lownsbery, Paige N. Lukens, Alexander V. Lutz, Jesús Bryan Macías, Claudia Rose Malarkey, Rachelle F. Malari, Thomas Ryan Maloney, Steven Michael Manuel, Anthony R. Marchand, Ashleigh Marie Matter, Nathaniel K. McCloud, Kristen Elizabeth McCord, Matthew David Merlo, Madison L. Mickles, Frank Joseph Miele, Tyler J. Miles, Ava Grace Miller, Ryan D. Minnich, Jillian Bree Molloy, Amador Montano, Paola Montano, Mikalina Marie Mullen, Gracie Anne Mummau, Makayla E. Murphy, Grace Virginia Murray, Hunter Thomas Murry, and Brecken Cole Musser.

Margaret Louise Nace, Madelyn Lillian Nagel, Farah L. Naill, Chit Naing, Danielle Rodney Nauss, James Marshall Neece, Mollie Belle Nicholson, Brooke Elaine Nicodemus, Zachary R Noel, Kamryn A. Noll, Adrienne E. Nolt, Nicholas Matthew Nolt, Kyle Thomas Nutter, Amber Nicole Oberdorf, Cameron M Olson, Gavin Creager Orth, Elizabeth Ortiz, Brayden M. Osterlund, Cole Francis Patrick, Taylor Christine Peca, Sydney Blake Pierson, Tori Nicole Pollock, Gracey L. Portner, Matthew E. Pottgeiser, Marissa Ann Rafferty, America Iselda Ramirez, Julia Rose Randazzo, Emily Noel Ranson, Mason James Rapp, Julia D. Rathsam, Michael Daron Ravert, Stuart M. Readinger, Allen M. Reed, Gavin Oak-lee Reed, Sierra Rose Reed, Samuel J. Reeser, Zachary A. Reighard, William Daniel Repko, Matthew Robert Risbon, Caden David Robinson, Nadine Nantin Rosenberger-Jean, Bradley Connor Ruth, Kailyn Marie Rutter, Quinton Avery Sands, Jade Marie Schach, Evan Charles Schneider, Kyra Michelle Schoenberger, Kali Rose Schreffler, Zachery Mial Scurlock, Sadie Madison Seaman, Haley Ann Sedun, Lorelei Elizabeth Self, Tréjahn Naeem Alexander Sharpe, Samuel R Shaub, Megan Audrey Shepler, Catherine A. Shontz, Devin R. Shriner, Ethan Shumaker, Samantha Marie Shutt, Evan M. Simonetti, Isaiah Thomas Smeltzer, Ashlan Zeta Fire Smith, Madison Rae Smith, Luke Matthew Snyder, Blanca Lidia Sosa-Cruz, Beckett Cole Spickler, Caleb Austin Spies, Joshua Hunter Spies, Elijah Earl Stackhouse, Zev H. Stark, Dylan Michael Sweger, Edward Wyatt Swisher, Lauren Mechele Swope, and Joseph Andrew Szymanski.

Aaron Michael Tetkoskie, Javan Walker Thomas, Regan M Thomason, Summer R. Thompson, Gavin Christopher Valeri, Logan T. Vogelsong, Elizabeth Claire Vuxta, Cy Anthony Wagner, Britney Sheree Walmer, Alyssa May Waite, Mackenzee Leigh Walters, Erik Jeffrey Webb, Robert Isaac Weidler, Kyle Nathaniel Welch, Julee Ann Wells, William Osbourne Wells, Tanner Andrew Wentling, Maxwell G. Wetzel, Kyle Wyatt Wickman, Natalie M. Wilkinson, Jared Russell Wolf, Brandon T. Wolfe, Abbey Reneé Yeagley, Lauren Young, Abigail Renee Zarfoss, and Mallory Elizabeth Zerphey.