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FEBRUARY 28 UPDATE: Coronavirus Prevention Planning

Dear EASD Community:

Over the past several months, local and national news reports have been increasingly filled with stories about the coronavirus (COVID- 19) and the possibility of a pandemic in the United States. As such, we wanted to share the following information about EASD’s coronavirus (COVID- 19) planning.

  • First, the District receives regular communications from the Pennsylvania Department of Health that includes updates on the coronavirus, as well as pre-planning tips in the event of a localized outbreak. CLICK HERE for Coronavirus Information provided by the PA Department of Health.

  • Second, our buildings and grounds department is prepared to launch additional cleaning protocols should the need arise.

  • Third, we sought input from our school physician as to any recommendations at the local level. Our school physician recommended we follow the Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance at this time.

  • Fourth, we are monitoring communications from the CDC as it relates to the possible impact of the coronavirus and recommendations for schools. CLICK HERE for Coronavirus Information provided by the CDC.

Finally, common cold and flu viruses are not unusual during the winter season. While school attendance is important for student success, our priority is health and safety. As always, we advise parents to not send their children to school if they are sick. This ensures your child is able to get the proper care and rest they need and protects the health and wellness of our students and staff.

The PA Department of Education has stated the best way to prepare for an outbreak in Pennsylvania continues to be ensuring you and your education community are practicing good hygiene, including washing hands, covering coughs and sneezes, keeping surfaces clean, and encouraging people to stay home if they are sick. As such, we are once again sharing basic precautionary measures to avoid the spread of any virus. CLICK HERE for more Cold & Flu season reminders.