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Sewer Issue - Secondary School Complex

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Elizabethtown Area School District wants to provide parents/guardians with accurate information and discourage rumors about a sewer issue at our secondary school complex today. Unfortunately, shortly before the last high school lunch this afternoon, a sewer line in the cafeteria malfunctioned. As a result, sewage seeped into the high school cafeteria from the student bathrooms located in the lunchroom. To ensure student and staff safety, the District took the following actions:

  • Closed the high school cafeteria for the last lunch.
  • Shut down the affected bathrooms in the cafeteria immediately, as well as several other bathrooms in the complex.
  • Contacted the District’s plumbing vendor - Kline’s Services - to help resolve the issue.
  • Served high school students assigned to the last lunch period their food from the middle school serving lines.
  • Mobilized the old high school gym for students assigned to the last lunch period to eat their food.
  • Cleaned and sanitized the area immediately.
  • Brought in extra ventilation such as the use of fans and air scrubbers, as well as the circulation of fresh air, in the cafeteria.

The District’s buildings and grounds department, working alongside our plumbing contractor, quickly identified the issue and resolved the matter. The high school cafeteria and its plumbing will be fully operational for the start of school on Monday.

Due to the quick cleanup of the sewage, the middle school dance is STILL scheduled for this evening in the middle school cafeteria.