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Bainbridge Elementary students model outfits constructed of recycled materials

May 30, 2019- Bainbridge Elementary School second graders recently took to the runway for their very own fashion show where they modeled for family, friends, and schoolmates outfits they made from recycled materials. As part of the hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) project, the students were asked to design an outfit or piece of clothing made out of items that would typically end up in the trash or a landfill.

Popular pieces of apparel on the runway were dresses, skirts, vests, hats, jewelry, shoes, and scarfs. An assortment of items were used to construct the clothing including newspaper, cardboard boxes, clothes pins, cereal and tissue boxes, trash bags, plastic bags, plastic water bottles, tin foil, and paper bags.

The initiative was designed to help the students learn about the environment by raising awareness about reducing waste as well as the importance reusing and recycling. STEM is an interdisciplinary approach that integrates all four subject areas into a comprehensive learning program to help students be more competitive in the fields of science and mathematics.