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Ancient Historical Figures to Come to Life in Living History Museum

May 24, 2019- Bear Creek School sixth graders have been learning about ancient world history including the Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Persian empires. On Thursday, May 23, they brought their learning to life as part of the school’s Living History Museum.

As part of the event, Tutankhamun, Attila the Hun, Leonidas, Moses, Socrates, and many more notable historical figures of the ancient world graced the hallways of the Bear Creek School. This year-end tradition brought learning to life as the students spent the day sharing information about their famous character of the past to their classmates, parents, teachers and principals at the school.

For this culminating event, each student selected a figure of his or her choice to portray. With no limit to imagination, the school’s sixth graders dressed like their character complete with props including shields, swords, spears, books and staffs. In the crowded hallway, museum guests huddled around their favorite exhibits to hear the facts about the different people. To prepare for the museum, the students were tasked with researching and writing an informational five-paragraph essay on their historical figure and then transforming it into a 2:00 - 2:30 minute monologue.

The entire day was an interactive way for the students to learn about history. The sixth graders remained stationary like a statue until museum visitors deposited a ticket into their bucket. Once a ticket is deposited, the “statue” came to life as the student acted out the monologue about their figure (Like the movies - Night at the Museum or Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure).

The program was coordinated by sixth grade teachers Darlene Buckwalter, Kathy Cronin, Joelle Currier, William Dietz, Tracy Hossler, Deb Houseal, Sara Lepperd, Beth Miller, Christina Minder, Danielle O’Haren, Kyle Symonds, and Erick Wittemann.