• Etown Engineering Club Meetings

    At the EEC meetings, we will go over club business and then prepare for the competitions. The following are the bylaws for the Etown Engineering Club. Click here to see the EEC minutes.

    1. Sign in at each meeting for the purpose of attendance. Please write your name so it is legible.
    2. Meetings will be held every Tuesday after school from 2:50 - 4:00. You will need your own way home at 4 p.m. If the school has an early dismissal for any reason or cancels after school activities for that day, the club will be cancelled for that day.
    3. You must let Mr. BP know, either in person or by email, when you will not be able to make it to a meeting. If you miss more than 3 meetings without letting Mr. BP know, you can be cut from the club.
    4. The club will vote for officers for club president, vice-president and treasurer.
    5. Any communication, like a flyer or email, that goes out to the community about the club needs to be approved by Mr. BP before sending it out. It has to include the following disclaimer, "These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Elizabethtown Area Board of Directors, the superintendent, or this school."
    6. Each team needs to check out the competition rules online on the competition's website and make sure you meet the deadlines. My comparison of competitions is based on the previous year's info and might not be correct for this year's competition.
    7. When it comes to getting money for a competition, you have three choices. You can either pay for the competition yourself, you can have fundraisers, or you do not go. All checks for the club need to be made out to "EASD" with "Etown Engineering Club" written in the memo line.
      1. Money raised for the club can only be used by the club. If there is money left over at the end of the year, it will stay in the account to be used by the club in the following year.
      2. Any school fundraiser must be approved by the school district. We have to vote on it and then fill out the paperwork to get permission before we can run the fundraiser in school. This year we have decided to join the fundraisers that the music department has set up because they have worked for them in the past and they are already approved. They are:
        1. Nov. 4 - Nov. 20 - Tupperware (delivery on the week of Dec. 9)
        2. Jan. 13 - 29 - Beef Sticks (delivery on the week of Feb. 10)
        3. Mar. 2 - 18 - Popcorn (delivery on the week of Mar. 30)
      3. The club must vote on how to raise and spend money for the club. Each team will vote on how to spend their team money.
      4. Any money that you raise will go into the club account here at school. It is the club's money because you raised it for the club. It is not your money. The club treasurer will keep track of how much money you raise. The money that you raise will be used by your team(s). You can decide how to spend the money that you raise. If you raise money and then do not compete, the money that you raised will go to the club.
      5. We order things for your competition through the district office whenever possible. You should only buy things if it is an emergency. For example, you need it for the day of the competition. If you do purchase something on your own, save the receipt for it. However, the school will not reimburse you for sales tax.