Phase 2 - Bainbridge Elementary School

  • COMPLETED: August 2018

    DEDICATED: October 2018

    Information including presentations, construction updates, and photo galleries (once construction begins) on the Bainbridge Elementary School Renovation Project.


    • Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin June 2017 and conclude August 2018.
    • Classrooms will be modeled after 21st-century learning environments that allow for a curriculum that supports project-based learning, encouraging creativity and critical thinking skills.
    • Spaces and furnishings will be flexible and adaptable.
    • Technology will be infused into the school to enhance 21st-century learning.
    • Once finished, Bainbridge Elementary School will continue to be a connection point with the community and connect curriculum to life outside of the school.
    • Initial estimates place the total cost for the renovation project at between $9.9 and $11.4 million dollars.
    • During construction, Bainbridge Elementary School will be vacated.
    • Bainbridge Elementary students will be located at Rheems Elementary School for the entire 2017-2018 school year (District transportation will be provided for all students).
    • Project schedule released on October 11, 2016, school board meeting. See Presentations Section.
    • Renovation work began in June 2017. (EXPIRED: Check out the progress in the PHOTO GALLERIES) section.



    EASD sought solutions that aligned with the overarching goal of maintaining the quality of our educational offerings in a fiscally sound and sustainable manner. The following Guiding Principles were used to help district administration and the school directors identify the solution to renovate Bainbridge and Rheems Elementary Schools:

    • Population density of our students
    • Geographic location of our schools
    • The elementary population as a whole
    • Building capacity, age and conditions of our schools
    • Equity of our educational offerings at each building
    • Transportation, maintenance and security
    • Maximizing the efficiencies of our operations and schools.


    POSTED JULY 2016-

    Over the past 24 months, the board of school directors has been discussing in open sessions future plans for Bainbridge, Mill Road, and Rheems Elementary Schools. The purpose of the discussions was to identify ways in which to address current student capacity issues and provide optimal 21st century learning environments. In addition, the dialogue focused on ways to address current structural deficiencies including mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; interior finishes and equipment; exterior building systems such as roof replacement and window replacement; and Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility and code issues.

    Detailed and vigorous conversation occurred as district administration and the school directors investigated all plausible options to address capacity, learning environment, and building deficiencies. After taking into consideration the overarching goal of quality educational programming in a fiscally responsible manner, the school directors approved extensive renovations to Rheems and Bainbridge Elementary Schools including infrastructure and building security upgrades, campus traffic pattern improvements, the addition of classroom space and a gymnasium.

    District administration and the school board recognize there are limitations in demographic and enrollment projections and much can happen over the next several years. As such, our conversations will continue on where EASD goes next with its dialogue focusing on Mill Road Elementary School, the high school and middle school complex, and the district office.