Students seek out others' ideas and value diversity.  They are humble.  There is high teamwork and creativity.  Students feel free to think outside the box.
     The following students have demonstrated their ability to be a LEADER at Bear Creek.


    TEAM 4A: Sophie Sullivan, Ethan Messick
    TEAM 4B:  Gia Carlough, Jordan Gober
    TEAM 4C:

    TEAM 5A: Taylor Cunningham,Kody Gabor,Taylar McFadden Aaron Oberholser
    TEAM 5B: Lydia Israel, Sophie Slater
    TEAM 5C: Joel Myers, Aaralynn Ginder
    TEAM 6A:  Libby Miller, Anika Walsh
    TEAM 6B: Izzy Janos, Rhylee Givens
    TEAM 6C:  Olivia Willenbecher, Daniel Kwiatkowski
    4th Grade:  Scarlett Tyson, Colton Boyer
    5th Grade:  Chloe Hardy, Felix Mikula, Caleigh Troop
    6th Grade: Austin Dolan, Dakota Sager