Students seek out others' ideas and value diversity.  They are humble.  There is high teamwork and creativity.  Students feel free to think outside the box.
     The following students have demonstrated their ability to be a LEADER at Bear Creek.


    TEAM 4A:  Addison Moyer and Nolan Ernst
    TEAM 4B:   Taylor Cunningham and Keelyn Foxhoven
    TEAM 4C: H'Imirah Nunn-Jordan and Felix Mikula

    TEAM 5A:  Rowan Hess, Kinsey Hayslett and Nathan Lloyd
    TEAM 5B:    Chloe Wilkinson and Cooper Sullivan
    TEAM 5C:  Zach Epps and Carly Hoffman
    TEAM 6A: 
    TEAM 6B:  Jordyn Griswold and Everett Rachael
    TEAM 6C:   Christina Bair-Risser and Madison Taylor
    4th Grade:  Madison Lehman, Amann N'Dikwe and Daryn Roush
    5th Grade:  Austin Dolan and Annale Nguyen
    6th Grade:  T.J. Kehler and Calvin Conteh