Think Win-Win
     Students think win-win, are trustworth.  They balance courage with consideration, and look for ways to benefit the whole. Collaboration and sharing best practices is encouraged.


    These students have demonstrated their ability to be a LEADER at Bear Creek.
    TEAM 4A: Evan Aldous, Anya Messick
    TEAM 4B:  Alex Santana-Perez,Miguel Ocasio
    TEAM 4C:  Samantha Moore, Margo Sirinides
    TEAM 5A: Caylin Rotondo, Evelyn Kopp, Ryan Wagner, Kaitlyn, Hollinger
    TEAM 5B:  Chazlynn Heaps, Porter Avers
    TEAM 5C: Emmy McCarthy, Riley Logan
    TEAM 6A:  Jack Ketchum, Sophie Schaffer
    TEAM 6B:  Hannah Taylor, Addison Knowles, Ashlynn Heistand
    TEAM 6C:  Addison Kline, Ryan Siler
    SPECIALS: Samantha Gerber, Levi Elhajj, Asa Evans, Olivia Kapcsos, Conner Hearn, Owen Randolph