What are career pathways?

    PATHWAYS is a career driven curriculum adopted by the school district designed to prepare students to reach their post-secondary educational and career goals.

    What are the four career pathways?

    How will students select a career pathway?

    • Career interest assessments
    • Career exploration websites and resources
    • Visitation to the career and technology center
    • Career speakers
    • Classroom lessons with school counselors
    • Discussions with parents and adults
    • Individual meetings with school counselors

    What are the benefits of selecting a pathway?

    • To help students select a career that matches their interests and skills
    • To help students select elective courses related to their career goals
    • To encourage students to make a post-secondary educational plan that will prepare them to succeed in the workforce
    • To help students see a connection between what they learn within the classroom and the skills they need to for success in their adult lives and the world of work

    When will students be asked to select a career pathway?

    During course selection in the eighth grade with adjustments as needed throughout the four years of high school

    Will parents be involved in the process of selecting a student’s career pathway?

    Yes! The school district encourages parents to help their children select a career path by:

    • Attending informational meetings offered by the school counseling department
    • Scheduling a visit to the Pathways Career Center
    • Discussing your student’s skills, interests Discussing your student’s post-secondary plans and career goals

    What happens if a student wants to change his/her career path?

    A student may change his/her career pathway at any time throughout high school with his/her counselor’s help

    Will there be any difference in a student’s academic studies depending on the selected career pathway?

    No! All students take the same required subject area courses of study with varying levels; fundamental, core, honors, and/or advanced placement. However, elective choices will vary based on the chosen career pathway.

    Will students be required to take a Pathways course in high school?

    All ninth grade students must choose one of the following electives in their chosen Pathway

    Arts & Communication

    • Foundations of Art
    • Music Theory
    • Video Production
    • Communication Technology
    • Introduction to Publication
    • Speech I

    Business & Finance

    • Introduction to Business
    • Marketing Concepts
    • Computer Technology
    • Computer Programming I

    Engineering, Science & Technology

    • Introduction to Agricultural Education
    • Computer Programming I
    • Technology & Society

    Health & Social Services

    • Basic Foods and Nutrition
    • Communication Technology
    • Introduction to Health Sciences
    • The Social Sciences