• Mrs. Elaine Sernoffsky
    Physical Education Teacher
    Bainbridge  717-426-4203 ext.3942
     Mill Road 717-361-7424 ext. 3702

    Welcome to PE

         I hope the new school year finds you all well and refreshed and ready to embark on many new
          adventures. I am excited to see how your children have grown over the summer and interested to hear
          about their summer happenings.
          As many of you know, I am quite passionate about what I teach and believe that a quality physical
          education program is an important segment of the total elementary school curriculum.  The PE program
          can have a
    tremendous impact on the social and emotional well-being, as well as, the physical growth
          of each child.

          During the year we will be engaging in games and activities designed to develop and
          improve each child's eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, cardiovascular fitness, balance, 
          strength, agility, flexibility, object handling skills and teamwork.  Through these activities 
          we will be striving to develop a positive self-image for each student.