Independent Learning Option

  • How does Etown Cyber INDEPENDENT LEARNING option work?

    • Asynchronous classes that students complete on their schedule .
    • No live-stream instruction via our Schoology platform and Zoom.
    • Curriculum offered by IU13 with EASD teachers as facilitators to help with questions and grading.
    • Technology provided by the IU13.
    • Students will have access to EASD school counselors for academic planning, mental health support, and post-secondary planning.
    • Students can participate in the District's wide variety of clubs, activities, music, and athletic programs.

    What can students and parents expect?

    • Students will check email morning and afternoon and respond to School District communication within 24 hours.
    • Students will check their grades for missing work weekly with their parents if needed.
    • If a student submits late work, the student will notify the teacher.
    • Students will not use the aid of any apps, electronic devices, etc to cheat or plagiarize on assignments or assessments.
    • Students will contact the Etown Cyber Independent Coordinator, Garry Norris, with any questions or problems while enrolled in the course.
    • Students will participate in Keystone and/or PSSA exams as scheduled.
    • Parental assistance may be needed with all of these tasks for elementary-aged students.

    CLICK HERE for the Etown Cyber Independent Handbook