2021-2022 Budget Information


    • May 11, 2021 - Authorizing Display & Advertising of Proposed Final Budget
    • May 25, 2021 - Public Display of Proposed Final Budget
    • June 15, 2021 - Adoption of Final Budget, Annual Tax Levy Resolution & Homestead/Farmstead Resolution

     BUDGET PRESENTATIONS (February 2021 - present)

    ACT 1 RESOLUTION (January 26, 2021, School Board Meeting)

    The Elizabethtown Area School District Board of School Directors approved an Act 1 resolution certifying the District will not raise local taxes at a rate to exceed the school district's Act 1 index of 3.8% for 2021-2022. The purpose of this resolution is to allow the school district to continue through the general fund budget preparation process for 2021-2022. This resolution states the school board is not planning to raise the real estate tax rate for the next fiscal year beyond the approved Act 1 index for the Elizabethtown Area School District. The school board may approve a tax increase up to 3.8% but not exceed this percentage.

    BUDGET PRESENTATIONS (October 2020 - November 2020)