• Summary of Remarks Delivered at the January 12, 2021, School Board Meeting
    Mr. Dan Serfass, Assistant Superintendent

    Third Grade Updates---

    • Third grade teachers and students will continue to use SeeSaw as their primary Learning Management System next year instead of transitioning to Schoology.
    • Third grade teachers will continue to teach all four subjects and students will only move for math rotations, as they do now.
    • Thirrd grade teachers have started discussing forming four person teaching teams for Bear Creek next year so, together, they can enhance student support and learning.
    • Much effort has commenced regarding curricular alignment, teacher team building activities, and planning for the physical movement of instructional materials.
    • Fourth grade students made and shared a video for their former third grade teachers welcoming them to Bear Creek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw949PSJYRk
    • Fourth graders are enthusiastic to make welcome videos for our second and third grade students as well. 
    • In addition to the welcome videos , current fourth graders will lead second and third whole class virtual “get to know Bear Creek” question and answer sessions.  
    • Virtual tours for parents and students will be produced and shared. In-person tours will be held as conditions permit this spring/summer.
    • Dr. Frank and our primary principals will be arranging after school/evening virtual and in-person forums to meet with parents at each of our four primary schools this spring. These are designed to answer questions, assess the transition process, and seek parent input into the process.


    Sixth Grade Updates---

    • Transition activities and planning for fifth and sixth grade students and sixth grade teachers have been plentiful.
    • Sixth grade teachers are participating in team building and getting to know you events with their seventh and eighth grade colleagues, as well as Leader in Me booster and coaching activities.
    • Sixth grade teachers have provided meaningful input into the outfitting of the newly constructed classrooms to best align with curriculum and maximize learning.
    • To ensure instructional methods are best aligned to the middle school for sixth grade, curriculum conversations including vertical articulation are included in in-service time.
    • Middle school departments will meet sixth through eighth grade by content area later this month to discuss subject area specific issues.
    • Over 100 seventh and eighth grade students have volunteered to be the Zoom buddies! Following their training, they will be paired with fourth and fifth grade students and begin their Zoom activities commencing in March.
    • Virtual fifth and sixth grade student tours that introduce students to the middle school staff and building will be shared in the spring as the building project nears completion.
    • In-person small group tours will be conducted this summer once the students have their schedules and can visit their classrooms.
    • Other upcoming events include virtual meetings and presentations for fifth and sixth grade parents.