School Board Meeting Board President Statement - February 26, 2019

  • The folllowing statement was read publicly by Mr. Seiders:

    This evening and over the course of the next several months, we will engage in dialogue that will ultimately lead to decisions being made on the level of renovations to both Rheems Elementary and the secondary school complex. In the spirit of full transparency, the options we are discussing regarding Rheems and the middle school/high school complex would likely create a scenario where we would no longer need Mill Road Elementary. However, at this time, the conversation we will be having will focus on making the best decision on the scope of renovations at Rheems and the secondary school complex that would limit the impact of debt service on the District and at the same time allow us to preserve the programs and services we value the most. Mill Road is a part of the dialogue now as the decisions we are making presently on Rheems and the secondary school complex could have ramifications on Mill Road, including its closing, and we want the community to be full aware of that fact. Any conversation at this time on the closing of Mill Road Elementary School is simply that conversation as no decision at this time is being made on the future of that school. In the future, as the renovation work at both Rheems and the secondary school complex is underway, discussions on the future of Mill Road will occur much like has happened at each phase of our four-phase building plan. We are fully aware that if the decision is to close the school as is a very real possibility, there is a formal process that must be pursued and we will follow that required process to seek community input in order to make a final determination.