Information Station

  • The EASD Information Station is a paperless solution to share important District-wide communications with our parents and guardians throughout the year. Once posted to the backpack, the District will send a notification of the posting via text and/or email to our parents and guardians using the contact information you have provided us. Please make certain your contact information in our student information system (Community Portal) is accurate. Keep in mind, the District WILL NO LONGER send home district-wide notifications in paper form so you will need to provide an email and/or textable number to receive a notification of a posting. If you do not have access to the Internet, contact your child’s school office for further direction on how to receive important and time-sensitive communications from the District. If you have questions about the EASD Information Station, feel free to contact Troy Portser, Director of School and Community Information, by email at or by phone at (717) 367-1521, ext. 10024.

    2020-2021 Information Station Postings