Additional Info About Enrollment Into EAHS

  • In order to make enrollment into the Elizabethtown Area High School be as efficient as possible, parents/guardians are encouraged to bring the following information at the enrollment meeting:

    • Current grades/report cards
    • Academic history/transcript
    • Current or anticipated schedule from previous school
    • IEP /GIEP (if student qualifies for special education)
    • 504 plan (if student qualifies)
    • Pennsylvania keystone test scores (if possible) (biology, literature and algebra)
    • Any other pertinent educational information

    Please keep in mind that students must be credit ready for each grade level.  Refer below for our credit criteria:


    • 7 credits to be considered 10th grade
    • 14 credits to be considered 11th grade
    • 21 credits to be considered 12th grade

    To graduate from Elizabethtown Area High School students must meet the following requirements:

    • 4 credits of English
    • 4 credits of social studies/history
    • 4 credits of math (unless student completes calculus by 11th grade)
    • 3 credits of science
    • 1 credit of health (grades 9 and 11)
    • 2 credits of Physical Education
    • .5 credit of Career and Finance
    • 9.5 elective credits
    • to equal a minimum of 28 credits

    Students must also score proficient on the three Pennsylvania Keystone Exams: Algebra 1, Biology and Literature.

    Students must complete their career portfolio through Careercruising

    Please use the link below to review the coursework offered at Elizabethtown Area High School. Being familiar with coursework will help expedite the course selection process.