Behavior Warning Signs

  • Academic Performance

    • Drop in grades
    • Failure to complete assignments
    • Decrease in class participation
    • Short attention span



    School Attendance

    • Absenteeism/tardiness
    • Constantly late for class
    • Frequent visits to the health/counselor office



    Physical Symptoms

    • Deteriorating personal appearance
    • Sleeping in class
    • Frequent complaints of nausea, getting sick a lot
    • Looks tired, fatigued, run down



    Disruptive Behavior

    • Defiance of rules
    • Emotional highs and lows
    • Verbal or physical abuse towards others
    • Blaming, denying



    Atypica Behavior

    • Change in friends or lack of friends
    • Isolating themselves or withdrawing
    • Significantly older or younger social group
    • Seen frequently crying



    If you are concerned about your child's behavior, please contact your child's teacher, counselor, and/or principal.