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Board Policies

This online posting is an electronic copy of PSBA's record of the currently adopted policy manual. The policies on this site are for informational purposes only and do not reflect updating activities in progress. To view a list of policies posted for informational purposes only, select the underlined policy category.

How Are EASD Policies Adopted?

The policy committee for the Elizabethtown Area School District is charged with reviewing and revising existing policies and proposing new policies based on changes to state laws, court decisions, local influences or general policy maintenance. Throughout the year, the committee presents the entire board with the policies it is recommending for first reading. During the first reading review period, board members and constituents have a chance to offer feedback on any of the policies approved for first reading. Upon completion of the review period, the options available to the board are as follows:

  • Vote to adopt the proposed policies as submitted.
  • Vote to adopt the proposed policies reflective of any changes made during the review period.
  • Table the adoption of a proposed policies to conduct further analysis by the policy committee.