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Mission Statement & Guiding Principles

Board Mission Statement

Improving Elizabethtown Area School District, One Decision At A Time.

Strategy Statement

We make informed decisions to provide an effective learning culture allowing every student to graduate ready to live, learn and thrive in a global community.


  • Create a 5-year financial plan to include all operations and education including renovation and instruction
  • Promote and support broad opportunities and flexibility for individual learning while complying with core standards
  • Identify and remove barriers to help students grow educationally, emotionally, and socially and for staff to thrive and succeed

Guiding Principles

  • Act with integrity (honesty, respectful, trustworthy and prepared)
  • Produce results (thinking productively, good decision making, focus on kids)
  • Keep everyone informed (everyone has the same information; inclusive)
  • Be engaged, productive leaders