• What is Technology and Engineering?

    engineering According to Merriam-Webster, technology is the application of knowledge especially in a particular area. Engineering is the application of science and mathematics by which the properties of matter and the sources of energy in nature are made useful to people.

    According to the PA Department of Education, Technology Education is the use of accumulated knowledge to process resources to meet human needs and improve the quality of life. Students develop the ability to select and correctly use materials, tools, techniques and processes to answer questions, understand explanations and solve problems encountered in real life situations. These overriding themes require students to design, create, use, evaluate and modify systems of Biotechnologies, Information Technologies,and Physical Technologies.
    The International Technology Education and Engineering Association(ITEEA) proposes this definition: "Technological literacy is far more than the ability to use technological tools. Technologically literate citizens employ systems-oriented thinking as they interact with the technological world, cognizant of how such interaction affects individuals, our society, and the environment. Technological literacy is the ability to use, manage, assess, and understand technology. It involves knowledge, abilities, and the application of both knowledge and abilities to real-world situations. Citizens of all ages benefit from technological literacy, whether it is obtained through formal or informal educational environments."
    The history of Technology Education is usually traced back to Calvin Woodward. Calvin graduated from Harvard College.He was looking for a way to teach math to his engineering students which ultimately culminated in the opening of the St. Louis Manual Training School in 1879. The students built wood and metal projects from orthographic drawings. The projects then became more and more complex.
    Technology Education started as manual training where students were taught how to use tools. It then moved to Industrial Arts, otherwise known as "Shop Class", where students were taught vocational training. Technology Education came about in the 1990s and focused on technology problem solving.