Bear Creek
    Each trimester the Bear Creek staff looks for character traits in our students.
    We want to encourage students to show these traits not only at school, but throughout their daily lives. The students pictured below have been recognized for exemplifying the Habits as leaders at Bear Creek.

    HABIT 1: Be Proactive
    Responsible people are able to make sound, moral decisions and are answerable for their own behaviors.
    They are reliable and can be depended upon and trusted. 
    They are characterized by good judgement, and sound thinking. 
    Responsible men and women always fulfill their obligations.  Pro-Active responsible students exert initiative, accept responsibility for actions, control their emotions, and focus on things they can influence.  They make things happen.
     4th Grade 4th Graders 
    Noah Bedwell, Brayden Brinser, Ben Creason, McKenzie Davis, Liam Engle, Phoebe Garver, Colton Gillham, Audra Gilmore, Norah Griffin, Giana Hummel, Alyssa Kline, Dustin Lefever, Lucas Locker, Sophia Mercado, Kainum N'Dikwe, Jacob Nelsen, Jaiden Sands, Miranda Shovlin, Landen Smyser, Mary Stofflet, Joey Wagner, Harper Walters, Alex Whitney, Lilah Zeiders
    5th Grade
     5th Graders 
     Ella Beachler, Gavin Bush, Maxxwell Cooper, Cayden Dennis, Mason Ebersole, Ava Glass, Daniel Greenawalt, Olivia Hazel, Avery Heckman, Mason Henry, Jacob Lerch, Gracie Kopp, Hunter Mateer, Tyson McNew, Anya Messick, Anna Mincemoyer, Grace Mortha, Zaria Phillips, Mackenzie Shubert, Margo Sirinides, Ben Smith, Cadyn Snyder, Kaden Tavera-Nuevo, Greyson Williams, Paighton Yocum
      6th Grade 6th Graders 
    Porter Avers, Shaylin Barto, Coy Burkett, Gage Checkeye, Taylor Cunningham, Isaac Elicker, Nolan Ernst, Grace Errett, Gage Gray, Larkin Harney, Ben Herres, Payton Keeports, Laura Kleis, Alexis Marra, Jaycie McGarvey, Dylan Mervine, Morgan Nauss, Ty Pinkerton, Noelle O'Brien, Leah Sites, Jessie Smucker, Jennalynn Spangler, Luka Spayd, Carter Torborg, Kolby Wallace, Brianah Wolfe, Haley Yashinski, Isaac Zeiders 
    HABIT 2: Begin with the End in Mind
    Students are in the pursuit of meaningful purposes with clear school wide goals and strategies.  They have clear personal goals.
     4th Graders4th Graders
    Asher Alleman, Patrick Brandt, Olive Bombash, Kelsey Cunningham, Orion Fogelman, Renata Garcia Perez, Kenzie Givens, Addison Glick, Jackson Greiner, Camden Gumbert, Carson Hoffmaster, Gwen Hoover, Lily Hostetter, Irelyn Kennedy, Trinity Kirk, Austin McKain, Bella Miller, Jackson Morrow, Josie Neefe, Kamie Schatz, Olivia Ross, Brooklynn Vuxta, Callie Willenbecher, Morgan Zellers
    5th Graders 5th Grade
     Narah Barnes, Alexis Bartels, Mya Beachy, Eleni Brehm, James Burke, Harper Dearolf, Kolton Eckinger, Emma Golihew, Valerie Hall, Amaya Heisey, Garrett Helm, Julia Henry, Lyla Kay, Tyler Kelly, May Leaman, Miguel Ocasio, Nicholas Reigner, Hailey Ritchey, Joseph Shank, Matthew Sikora, Greyson Williams, Scott Yerger, Kasey Zook
    6th Grade 6th Graders 
    Emily Addams, Shelby Bachert, Morgan Baker, Cassidy Carl, Taylor Cunningham, Noah Farmer, Emma Haak, Carter Heck, Yarianis Hernandez Malave, Chase Huggins, Derek Ippolito, Wyatt Joiner, H'Imirah Nunn-Jordan, Maggie Leaman, Mersadie Manfred, J.J. McBride, Samantha McCurnin, Jaycie McGarvey, Amber Musser, Derek Nieves, Mallory Readinger, Mya Stackhouse, Malakai Stoner, Caleigh Troop, Brendon Valentine, Jay Vazquez, Brooke Wagner, Gabriel Warburton, Cameron Wilkins
    Habit 3: Put First Thing First
     Students are focused on important priorties.  They say NO to frivolous requests. They make time for planning, preparation and prevention.
     4th Grade 4th Graders
    Kylin Arnold, Max Barron, Jorja Braun, Riley Cuoco, Kaydence DeGroff, Elise Fuddy, Parker Gantz, Ethan Hitz, Rebecca Hook, Shon Johnson, Ben Keener, Randee Klepping, Cayden McFadden, Hailey Metzger, Brynn Miller, Nawar Nanziba, Jeffrey Pierdon, Aspen Reaggs, Landon Shroyer, Joshua Stark, Dalton Treese, Dylan Upschulte, Owen Weaver, Leah Willard
    5th Grade 5th Graders 
     Gia Carlough, Avery Clark, Rowan Crispino, Sarah Dougherty, Jocelyn Fansler, Alivia Fox, Ryan Gerberich, Sophia Hawk, McKenna Kershner, Niko Kirsch, Grace Leber, Molly Leber, Chelsea Lehman, Jaelynn Mann, Scarlett McCarthy, Zayden Meckley, Ben Mowrer, Max Nguyen, Cheyenne Nolt, Myka Sands, Lindsey Shaud, Ella Simione, Kiersten Swanger, Andrew Taylor
      6th Grade 6th Graders
    Cassidy Bechtel, Matthew Beck, Bradley Berardinelli, Abigail Brosey, Cadence Carlisle, Kumilliana Carter, Naomi Clugston, Annika Erikson, William Espirito, Brendan Griffith, Amiah Guary, Jordan Johnson, Nick Johnson, Madison Lehman, Renae Marcello, Alexis Marra, Gabrielle McNitt, Logan Morris, Addison Moyer, Chrishalys Padilla Rosado, A'Miyra Peters, Alexander Ramirez, Ben Rittle, Caylin Rotondo, Mya Stackhouse, Israel Villagomez-Garcia, Abram Walsh, Emma Wentling
    Habit 4: Think Win-Win
     Students think win-win, are trustworth.  They balance courage with consideration, and look for ways to benefit the whole. Collaboration and sharing best practices is encouraged.
    4th Graders 4th Grade
    Calee Benedict, Clare Bolesky, Zoe Breneman, Austin Brinser, Lilianna Feguer, Logan Gantz, McKenna Ginder, Trevor Hoover, Connor Kroeck, Katie Lehman, Colt Lloyd, Jack Lowry, Ben McCrone, Connor Miller, Kassidee Mott, Skylar Potts, Cora Quickel, Dahlia Schaeffer, Sophia Singh, Lainey Slade, Corinna Stoltzfus, Juliet Stricker, Braydon Walters, Kyleigh Weidman
    5th Grade
    5th Graders 
    Jamie Black, Owen Bohn, Colton Boyer, Madelyn Bradley, Maddox Donough, Addison Emlet, Asa Evans, Jenna Faulkner, Lylii Funk, Izabell Herneisen, Jackson Hirst, Carson Kendall, Riun McConnell, Ethan Messick, Analise Planey, Jaxon Roberts, Allison Shaffner, Cooper Stum, Landyn Swards, Scarlett Tyson, Christian Verghese, Jonah Walker, Caroline Williams, Olivia Williams
    6th Graders 6th Grade
    Kathryn Armstong, Reese Ashton, Addy Barrett, Briana Bender, Adam Crick, Aaron Daley, Liam Dixon, Alan Espenshade, Jacob Goglia, Carter Heck, Riley Helm, Chase Huggins, Chris Jordan, Everest Kennedy, Evelyn Kopp, Carter Kroeck, Paige MacNaughton, Garrett Messick, Trevor Nale, Endy Lara Navarrete, Rory Patterson, Daniel Polizzi, Jacob Schaber, Kaylee Spencer, Robert Weirich, Tristan Wetzel, Brielle Wise, Nathan Woods
    Habit 5: Seek First to Understand then to be Understood
     Students diagnose before they prescribe solutions.  They are empathic, nonjudgemental, and feel free to express opinions freely.
    Habit 6: Synergize
     Students seek out others' ideas and value diversity.  They are humble.  There is high teamwork and creativity.  Students feel free to think outside the box.
    Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw
     Students strive for continuous improvement.  They are up-to date. energetic, and enjoy a family feeling.  They keep their spirits high.