Bear Creek
    Each trimester the Bear Creek staff looks for character traits in our students.
    We want to encourage students to show these traits not only at school, but throughout their daily lives. The students pictured below have been recognized for exemplifying the Habits as leaders at Bear Creek.

    HABIT 1: Be Proactive
    Responsible people are able to make sound, moral decisions and are answerable for their own behaviors.
    They are reliable and can be depended upon and trusted. 
    They are characterized by good judgement, and sound thinking. 
    Responsible men and women always fulfill their obligations.  Pro-Active responsible students exert initiative, accept responsibility for actions, control their emotions, and focus on things they can influence.  They make things happen.
       Habit 1
    Isabella Barnes, Brayden Beachler, Josh Bear, Calee Benedict, Claire Bierly, Keaton Binkle, Landon Bradnick, Zoe Breneman, Joshua Bushey, Kendyl Crawford, Cambria Creter, Madelyn DeMoss, Saral Dhakal, Cooper Dolby, Colten Doster, Ava Drager, Keith Edwards, Liam Engle, Ashton Espirito, Payton Fisher, Orion Fogelman, Liam George, Norah Griffin, Alyssa Grifone, Graysen Gulden, Ella Herres, Olivia Huesken, Cady Jones, Amina Kabir, Lillian Kauffman, Chloe Kessler, Cobe Kiehl, Randee Klepping, Hunter Koppel, Sophia Kretzing, Lillienne McDonnell, Cayden McFadden, Elliot Messick, Jackie Mick, Addalyn Miles, Allison Miller, Brynn Miller, Kara Monaghan, Jackson Morrow, Levi Musser, Ethan Nale, Lilah Reed, Cole Roberts, Mya Romos-Rosa, Tanner Roush, Molly Rudy, Hannah Shebelsky, Cameron Shelley, Devin Shuck, Flora Sirinides, Declan Slater, Ella Smith, Elyse Sprenkle, Josh Stark, Jaxon Stuck, Caiden Sweitzer, Hannah Swords, Carter Testerman, Nicole Wallace, Hailey Whitman, Alex Whitney, Isabelle Williams, Abigail Yerkes, Natalie Young, Stella Youtz 
    HABIT 2: Begin with the End in Mind
    Students are in the pursuit of meaningful purposes with clear school wide goals and strategies.  They have clear personal goals.
      Habit 2
     habit 2
    Cristian Aguilar Francisco, Jaxon Ahlgrim, Andrea Altemose, Tyson Arnold, Emily Barron, Max Barron, Siena Bohn, Olive Bombash, Katharine Braun, Jazmine Caraballo Roeting, Ivy Carl, Ava Casey, Mackenzie Christopher, Adelynn Clark, Anna Clouser, Rylen Clugston, Sonja Cradic, Ben Creason, Helen Crispino, McKinley Davis, Kathryn Elder, Logen Fell, Porter Fleming, Molly Gallagher, Renata Garcia Perez, Annabelle Gartley, Phoebe Garver, Logan Glass, Christian Grimes, Brayden Haug, Jeremy Hawk, Violet Hearn, Karissa Henry, Chloe Hoffmaster, Pia Houck, Nolan Houp, Callen Hummer, Lucy Kanfer, Trinity Kirk, Noah Kovach, Jase Lokey, Beckett Loucks, Myles Luckman, Jazzy Marizan, Caiden McConnell, Kate Miner, Uriah Morris, Jackson Nash, Eh Nay Nyo, Renee Peters, Kherington Powell, Grace Quickel, Wesley RIdall, Claire Roda, Jaiden Sands, Andi Sarver, Sawyer Shifflett, Mason Siegrist, Landon Smith, Bella Spigelmeyer, Samoel Tamang, Bipasha Thapa, Cayden Troop, Braydon Walters, Harper Walters, Kyleigh Weidman, Abigail Yoder, Collin Zeager, Carter Zimmermann
    Habit 3: Put First Thing First
     Students are focused on important priorties.  They say NO to frivolous requests. They make time for planning, preparation and prevention.
    Habit 4: Think Win-Win
     Students think win-win, are trustworth.  They balance courage with consideration, and look for ways to benefit the whole. Collaboration and sharing best practices is encouraged.
    Habit 5: Seek First to Understand then to be Understood
     Students diagnose before they prescribe solutions.  They are empathic, nonjudgemental, and feel free to express opinions freely.
    Habit 6: Synergize
     Students seek out others' ideas and value diversity.  They are humble.  There is high teamwork and creativity.  Students feel free to think outside the box.
    Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw
     Students strive for continuous improvement.  They are up-to date. energetic, and enjoy a family feeling.  They keep their spirits high.