• Learning Community Assignments
    Students will be placed on a grade-level learning community consisting of four teachers who will be responsible for teaching the four core subjects - communication arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. These teachers meet regularly to plan curriculum and discuss the needs and progress of the students.

    In grades four and five, teachers will be responsible for teaching two subject areas grouped as follows: communication arts/social studies and mathematics/science. In sixth grade, teachers will be responsible for teaching a single subject (i.e. a science teacher, a math teacher, etc.)

    Below, you will see a listing of each learning community by teacher:

    CA- Communication Arts , SS- Social Studies, M- Mathematics, SC- Science

    Fourth Grade

    Team A  Kit Kat
    Team B   Reese's
    Team C   Hershey
    Amy Towsen (CA, SS)
    Jeanette Norton (CA, SS)Ashley Edmonson (CA, SS)
    Ellie Kimmel (M, SC)
    Lori Carrasco (M, SC)Nancy Weikel (M, SC)
    Becky Bair (CA, SS)Leah Fraser (CA, SS)Erick Wittemann (CA, SS)
    Amy Horner (M, SC)
    Lisa Bohanick (M, SC)Sue Kob (M, SC)

    Fifth Grade
    Team A  Liberty
    Team B    Justice
    Team C    Freedom
    Katie Horting (CA, SS)Brianna Wallach (CA, SS)Alicia Sterner (CA, SS)
    Melissa Chroscinski (M, SC)Robin Price (M, SC)Todd Davis (M, SC)
    John Mooney (CA, SS)Rachel Caskey (CA, SS)Al Perry (CA, SS)
    Chris Bosch (M, SC)Lindsay Troop (M, SC)Noel Handran (M, SC)

    Sixth Grade

    Team A    Eclipse
    Team B    Meteorite
    Team C    Comet
    Christina Minder (CA)
    Deb Purcell (CA)
    Beth Miller (CA)
    Dean May (SS)
    Deb Houseal (SS)
    Adam Weber (SS)
    Danielle O'Haren (M)
    Mike Sernoffsky (M)
    Tracy Hossler (M)
    Bill Dietz (SC)
    Sara Coleman (SC)
    Ed Barlow (SC)

    Instructional Coach:Jana DelMarcelle
    Reading Specialist/Instructional Coach: Wendy Hamer
    Reading Specialist: Donna Nilsen