• Please click on a staff member's name to send an e-mail. Teachers are unable to check their e-mail regularly due to classroom responsibilities. If you want to leave a voice mail message for the teacher, please call the school at the number listed above and leave a message using the voice-activated mail system or remain on the line for the school receptionist.

    Administration and Office Staff
    Elizabethtown Area High School
    600 East High Street
    Elizabethtown, PA 17022
    Phone: (717) 367-1533
    Fax: (717) 367-4149

First Name Last Name Position Email
Tory Allison Mathematics Teacher tory_allison@etownschools.org
Mark Anderson Agriculture Education Teacher mark_anderson@etownschools.org
James Atland English Teacher james_altland@etownschools.org
Brandon Aukamp School Nurse brandon_aukamp@etownschools.org
Rachel Barnhart Crisis Response Counselor rachel_barnhart@etownschools.org
Steven Barraclough Band steven_barraclough@etownschools.org
Scott Baylor Science Teacher scott_baylor@etownschools.org
Christine Blaisdell English Teacher christine_blaisdell@etownschools.org
Kenneth Boland Technology Education ken_boland@etownschools.org
Rebecca Booth Learning Support Rebecca_Booth@etownschools.org
Michael Booth Mathematics Teacher michael_booth@etownschools.org
Dennis Brouse Learning Support dennis_brouse@etownschools.org
Ken Burke Learning Support kenneth_burke@etownschools.org
Karen Cane Mathematics Teacher karen_cane@etownschools.org
Joel Caputo Business Teacher joel_caputo@etownschools.org
David Cherry Science Teacher david_cherry@etownschools.org
Ellen Cooper Learning Support ellen_cooper@etownschools.org
Melanie Craver Health and Physical Education Teacher melanie_craver@etownschools.org
Sarah Crawford French Teacher sarah_crawford@etownschools.org
Robert Crick Assistant Principal robert_crick@etownschools.org
Mackenzie Deardorff Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director mackenzie_deardorff@etownschools.org
Andy Derr Health and Physical Education Teacher andrew_derr@etownschools.org
Karen Drybred English Teacher karen_drybred@etownschools.org
Christine Dubosky Social Studies Teacher christine_dubosky@etownschools.org
Michele Edens Science Teacher michele_edens@etownschools.org
Last Modified on March 8, 2021