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Feedback On Mr H's Site from Visitors & Fellow Educators:

    "I happened upon your website and I am blown away. With such a comprehensive and organized web site I am sure you’re students knock the state tests out of the park..."
    - Jeremy Cunningham
    Trezevant High School
    Memphis, TN
    "I was browsing the Internet looking for some creative activities to add to my Modern World History course and I came across your website...I really liked the layout..."
    - Joseph Stewart
    Cincinnati Public Schools
    Cincinnati, OH
     "I came across your website and your lessons are great. I can tell that you spend quite a bit of time and effort in preparing these lessons. They are both engaging and entertaining and that is exactly what I need to keep my students motivated..."
    - Ann Burt
    New York City Public Schools
    Bronx, NY
    "I am a new...teacher and love your [Government & Economics] page...I feel like [it's] so well put together and a great guide..."
    - Kristin King
    Wingfield High School
    Jackson, MS
     "I stumbled upon your website and I absolutely love it! I love your [powerpoints], how you [present] DBQs, and your presentations with outlines for almost all of your World [course topics]. It seems that you hold your students to a very high level..."
    - Clara Wetmore
    Grimsley High School
    Greensboro, NC
    "I stumbled across  your site while looking for useful materials and particularly liked the formatting and information presented [through your powerpoints and site]..."
    - Isaac Newsman
    Florin High School
    Sacramento, CA
    "Kudos.  I like what you have done with [your] social studies [materials]. I will [definitely] be borrowing some of your ideas."
    - Nathan Saunders
    Washington DC Public Schools
    District of Columbia
    "I would like to... thank you for your wonderful World History site! I have found your school website to be very helpful in organizing materials for this coming year [my first as a World History teacher]."
    - Jim Brandsma
    Lake City Area Schools
    Lake City, MI
    "Of all the 12th grade Gov/Econ stuff I have looked at, yours is by far the best! I went through your power points...that you have available and loved them..."
    -Martin Gloster
    New York City Public Schools
    New York City, NY