• District School Social Worker,


    The School Social Worker provides services to students district wide with Special Education needs based on the goals of their IEPs. Three levels of service are provided, information and referral, case management, and intensive intervention.

    The School Social Worker will serve as the districts intermediary between school, home, and the community. He/She will work as an advocate on behalf of children and their families and service as a resource person for principals, guidance counselors, psychologist, and other professional staff concerning student problems.

    Specific Responsibilities

    1. Provides counseling and support services to identified students.

    2. Facilitate social skills groups and support groups.

    3. Makes home visits, when appropriate, to advance understanding of the student’s needs and to facilitate communication between home and school.

    4. Serves as a liaison with community and social service agencies, including Children and Youth, Juvenile Probation, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, private practitioners, etc. Informs and updates professional staff on new developments in this area.

    5. Serves as a child and family advocate and assists students and families in accessing needed services.

    6. Participates in interdisciplinary meetings and works with members of other disciplines to coordinate services to students in district.

    7. Assists the district in helping families and students comply with attendance laws.

    8. Serves as a member of the middle school and high school student assistance team.

    9. Provides social work services to the full time district operated Emotional Support and Autistic Support classrooms.

    10. Meets regularly with other district social workers/home and school visitors to coordinate service delivery in the district.
    11. Provide crisis intervention services with other pupil service professionals when an emergency situation arises.

    12. Participates in Act 48 trainings and Continuing Education trainings for maintaining social work licensure.

    13. Performs other pertinent duties as assigned by the Supervisor of Special Education.