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    Contact Information:
    Jacqueline Spittal
    Pathways Coordinator
    Elizabethtown Area School District
    (717) 367-1533 ext 1102

    Mission Statement:
    The Elizabethtown Area School District is committed to assist every student focus his or her high school education on a realistic post-secondary plan that matches the skills, knowledge, and experience of each individual student.

    About the Program:

    The driving force behind the Pathways program is that every student determines his/her career and educational plan beyond high school. Some students believe that learning ends with high school graduation. This attitude and belief system typically results in a low-paying, unfulfilling job, which in turn can impact the individual's entire well being.

    Helping students recognize that they have direct control over the career path they choose is the challenge of Pathways. The Elizabethtown Area School District is committed to assisting every student focus his or her high school education on a realistic post-secondary plan that matches the skills, knowledge and experience of each individual student.

    A career path is a broad spectrum of careers that share similar characteristics and for which employment requirements call for common interests, strengths and competencies. The U.S. Department of Education has identified sixteen (16) Career Clusters that were designed to help students focus on an area of interest and possible career path. Elizabethtown's Pathways Program combined the clusters to create four broader paths for student exploration and instruction. The four Pathways used by Elizabethtown Area High School are as follows:
    Elizabethtown students will be asked to select a Pathway during course selection of their 8th grade year. Students will then be able to examine specific careers and post-high school educational programs related to their Pathway. In addition, elective course recommendations will be available to assist parents and students in making course selections that will be most beneficial to their academic and career goals. This information will help students see a connection between what they learn within the classroom, and the skills they need for success in their adult lives,and the work world.


    • To assist each student in determining a career pathway based on interest and ability.
    • To provide a variety of course offerings that will prepare students for education/training beyond high school to meet individual career goals.
    • To produce students who are responsible democratic citizens, effective communicators, cooperative workers, and skilled problem-solvers.


    What do you want to be when you grow up? The Pathways Program has been designed to help Elizabethtown students answer this most important question. Students begin their journey by exploring personal skills, interests and aptitudes through career assessments which supply them with ideas about which one of the four career Pathways might "best fit" their personality.

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