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    Please click on a staff member's name to send an e-mail. Teachers are unable to check their e-mail regularly due to classroom responsibilities. If you want to leave a voice mail message for the teacher, please call the school at the number listed above and leave a message using the voice-activated mail system or remain on the line for the school receptionist.

First Name Last Name Grade - Team Position Email
Jeremy Adams 7th Grade - Navigators English Language Arts
Rachel Barnhart EAMS Crisis Response Counselor
Steven Barraclough EAMS General Music
Ashley Bartkovsky 8th Grade - Ravens English Language Arts
David Beard EAMS Principal
Greg Bechtold EAMS School Counselor
Nancy Becker EAMS School Nurse
Alyssa Bellucci EAMS Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Tony Bistline EAMS Health & Physical Education
Amanda Bomberger 8th Grade - Falcons Mathematics
Alissa Bradfield EAMS Mathematics & Math Interventionist
Kimberly Braught 6th Grade - Eclipse English Language Arts
Darlene Buckwalter 6th Grade - Comets Science
Terry Bupp-Petersheim EAMS Technology Education Teacher
Diana Chandra EAMS School Counselor
Ellen Cooper EAMS Learning Support
Monica Cressman EAMS English Language Arts Interventionist
Annika Dalemar EAMS French
James Damore 7th Grade - Explorers English Language Arts
Mary Jane Davies 8th Grade - Ravens English Language Arts
Todd Davis EAMS Cyber Essentials and 6th Grade Reading
Austin De La Ronde EAMS Mathematics & Math Interventionist
William Dietz 6th Grade - Eclipse Science
Kaitlyn Dobyns EAMS Assistant Principal
Laura English 7th Grade-Explorers English Language Arts