About Food Service

  • We welcome you to Elizabethtown Area School District Dining as our guest. Metz Culinary Management’s focus is on preparing fresh, homemade meals and reducing the number of processed foods in our dining program. We use proven cooking methods to create great-tasting meals that kids enjoy while improving nutrition at the same time. 
    Our breakfast and lunch options include a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain breads, homemade entrées, and more great-tasting options that your child will love while providing them with a nutritious meal. Our snack menu includes a variety of fresh and dried fruits and reduced-calorie sweet and savory snacks that provide the taste that kids enjoy but are more nutritious for them and meet all wellness guidelines.
    At Metz Culinary Management, we understand the importance of proper nutrition training to the health and well-being of school-age children, so we place special emphasis on nutrition education in every school we serve. In addition, we have created our Live Well program, a combination of educational programs that work in conjunction with our menu to help students develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

    Live Well
    Wellness Friends focuses on making nutrition education and healthy eating an interesting experience through age-appropriate educational programs and monthly promotions.

    Nutritious Friends, the introduction of different fruits and vegetables each month in menu items and special promotions.

    Nutritious Friendly Snacks, not only great tasting, but also great for you. The Nutritious Friendly Snack Program encourages healthy snack choices. Our team of dietitians follows stringent guidelines as they carefully select healthy snacks for the program.

    Wellness Education Programs are designed by our registered dietitians and tailored to each age group. While younger children are taught the importance of MyPlate guidelines, teenagers are more interested in learning about the dangers of fad dieting.

    We have something for everyone because we believe in the importance of good food and healthy dining options. Great nutrition helps you perform better academically and fosters a good outlook on life. Therefore, we do our best to serve quality food and a diverse menu daily.