Holly S. Particelli
    Eighth Grade Physical Science Teacher
    Elizabethtown Area Middle School
    (717) 361-7525

    falconslogo_imageWelcome to Physical Science on the Falcons Team!

    Physical science is the study of chemistry (matter) and physics (energy).
    There are eight units of study this year.
    Unit 1:  The Nature of Science
    Unit 2:  Structure and Properties of Matter
    Unit 3:  Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
    Unit 4:  Simple Chemical Reactions
    Unit 5:  Energy and Heat
    Unit 6:  Waves:  Sound and Light
    Unit 7:  Forces and Motion
    Unit 8:  Simple Machines
    "If I have seen further than others,
                                            it is by standing upon the shoulders
                                            of giants." 
                                                                           - Isaac Newton