• Elizabethtown Area School District
    600 East High Street
    Elizabethtown, PA 17022
    Phone: (717) 367-1521
    Fax: (717) 367-1920
    The Elizabethtown Area School District's administrative team is committed to overseeing a school system that fosters educational excellence. Led by the superintendent, the team plays an integral role in ensuring a first-rate education is delivered each day that inspires and enables students to become productive and responsible citizens. Supported by a community that values education as well as a dedicated and committed faculty and support staff, the administrative team is tasked with delivering an exceptional educational program that strives to meet the needs of our students, their families and our community.


    Administrative Team Directory

First Name Last Name Position Email Extension
Dr. Michele Balliet Superintendent of Schools ext. 10002
Amanda Baxter Principal, Bainbridge Elementary ext. 80799 (MR)
Adam Bergens Director of Buildings and Grounds 21054
Kari Bittinger Principal, East High Street Elementary School ext. 50599
Robert Crick Assistant Principal, Elizabethtown Area High School ext. 21119
Dan Forry Director of Finance and Operations 10009
Dr. Nathan Frank Principal, Bear Creek School ext. 40206
Dr. Maura Hobson Principal, Elizabethtown Area High School ext. 21120
Jason Kingsborough Assistant Principal, Bear Creek School ext. 40204
Brian Lownsbery Director of Technology ext. 21703
John Miller Director of Transportation ext. 10010
Michael Pericci Principal, Mill Road Elementary School ext. 31112
Troy Portser Director of School and Community Information, Open Records Officer ext. 10024
Dr. Jason Potts Assistant Principal, Elizabethtown Area High School ext. 21118
Joshua Schaffer Dean of Students, Elizabethtown Area Middle School 31112
Kara Schoessler Principal, Elizabethtown Area Middle School 31113
Richard Schwarzman Assistant to the Superintendent for Student Support Services and Compliance ext. 10003
Amy Secor Assistant Principal, East High Street Elementary School ext. 50596
Daniel Serfass Assistant Superintendent ext. 10011
Walter Smith Director of Special Education 10007
William Templin Director of Athletics and Extracurricular Activities ext. 21124
Richard Toth Director of Human Resources ext. 10014
Jacques Viau Principal, Rheems Elementary School ext. 60899