Mrs. Elaine Sernoffsky
    Physical Education Teacher at Bainbridge & Mill Road

    You can also follow me on Twitter at @MrsSernoffskyPE.

    This year I will be at Bainbridge on cycle Days 1 & 2 and

    at Mill Road on Days 3 & 4


                  Mrs. Elaine Sernoffsky                    Mrs. Elaine Sernoffsky                                                                                                          


    Welcome Back! I Missed You!
          I am so excited to be back and am looking forward to seeing all of you walk
         through our doors in just a few short days.  Please click on the following link
         to watch a short "Welcome Back" video I made just for you.  The first one is for 
         all of my Bainbridge friends and the second one was made for my Mill Road 
                                                        Bainbridge Welcome Back Video
                                                Mill Road Welcome Back Video 
          As many of you know, I am quite passionate about what I teach and believe that a
         quality physical education program is an important segment of the total
         elementary school curriculum.  The PE program can have a tremendous impact 
         on the social and emotional well-being, as well as, the physical growth of each
          During the school year, students will be engaged in games and activities designed
          to develop and improve each child's eye-hand and eye-foot coordination,
          cardiovascular fitness, balance, strength, agility, flexibility, object handling
          skills and teamwork.  Through these activities, our goal is to develop fundamental
          motor skills and a positive self-image for each student.

          Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.  My email address is listed
          above. Ready, set, here we go!
       "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old
    because we stop playing."
    George Bernard Shaw