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  • Bear Creek Elementary School

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    Elizabethtown, PA 17022
    Phone: (717) 367-0210

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    Please click on a staff member's name to send an e-mail. Teachers are unable to check their e-mail regularly due to classroom responsibilities. If you want to leave a voice mail message for the teacher, please call the school at the number listed above and leave a message using the voice-activated mail system or remain on the line for the school receptionist.

First Name Last Name Position Email
Rebecca Auker Third Grade
Kara Baxter School Counselor
Jason Bingaman School Counselor
Kelly Black Health & Physical Education
Lisa Bohanick Fourth Grade
Cynthia Buswell Math Interventionist
Cassandra Caraballo Speech/Language
Jamie Carpenter Learning Support
Lori Carrasco Fourth Grade
Rebecca Carter Fourth Grade
Christianne Charles Learning Support
Lora Crills Mathematics Coach
Kathleen Cronin Fifth Grade
Todd Davis Fifth Grade
Jana DelMarcelle Interventionist/Instructional Coach
Eileen Denlinger Reading Specialist
Megan Englehart Fourth Grade
Angelica Eshleman School Psychologist
Chris Fairbanks Emotional Support
Amy Falk Etown Cyber - Special Education Rep
Jennifer Fields Home-School Visitor
Amy Fleming Gifted Education
Rachael Forgotch Third Grade
Bethany Freiberg Fourth Grade
Kelly Garrett Third Grade