Mrs. Amy Fleming and Mrs. Sara Torchia
    Teachers of Gifted Education
    Grades K-6
    Elizabethtown Area School District

    The mission of the Gifted and Talented Education Program in the Elizabethtown Area School District is to facilitate enrichment and differentiation for students and to provide opportunities, experiences and support as prescribed in students' Gifted Individualized Education Plans (GIEPs).

    Implementation of Gifted Education Services
    After your child qualifies to receive gifted education services, we will meet to discuss and write your child's GIEP goals and Specialized Instruction. After the paperwork is finalized, your child will begin to receive services that include attending classes during BEAR periods at least twice per 6-day cycle. Other activities, such as music and clubs, will be offered during BEAR periods and your child will have options to sign up for them, also. In schools that do not have BEAR periods, Mrs. Torchia and Mrs. Fleming will establish meeting times and schedules. 

    Gifted and Talented Education teachers meet with students throughout the day to implement and integrate GIEP goals and specialized instruction.

    • During BEAR period, students meet in gifted education classrooms to work on large-group projects.
    • During regular education classes, gifted education teachers periodically provide support for students as prescribed in GIEPs.
    • During regular education classes, students come to the gifted and talented education classrooms for support as prescribed in GIEPs.

    The gifted education teachers use rubrics and observation to assess students' progress in meeting GIEP goals. Anecdotal reports based on observations are recorded and included in GIEP Progress Reports that are sent home twice yearly.